If you are fascinated by the wonderful art of origami, here is your chance to master the craft with a step-by-step instruction on making an origami dragon. Read on and get folding.

How To Make An Origami Dragon

Ever seen anyone twist and turn paper squares into curios shapes and wondered if you could do the same? Origami is a popular Japanese traditional art of paper folding that has been in vogue for centuries now and has intrigued kids and craftsmen alike. Derived from the Japanese words 'Oru' (to fold) and 'Kami' (paper), origami is one of the highly specialized art forms that involve precision and utmost skill. While many will tell you that origami is no child’s play, know that a little practice and a strong will can turn you from a novice to a pro in no time. All you need to do is master the basics of the art and then follow it to a tee. You will be surprised to see how many wonderful objects you can actually create out of a paper square. Once you have mastered the craft, you can move on with more advanced designs like origami dragon, which is another popular form of origami craft. Origami designs are easy to make, given that you know how to fold the paper to your advantage. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make origami dragons. Read on and get crafting your own origami dragon. Here is more on this.
Origami Dragon Instructions
Lay Out The Material
Before you get on with the task of crafting your own origami dragon, make sure that you have all the required materials at your disposal. You will need origami paper and a pair of scissors to begin with. In case you don’t have origami paper, you can use tissue paper, printer paper and even shiny chocolate wrapper to serve your need.

Make The Creases
Before making the dragon base, make it a point to create the folds in advance as doing so will only ease your efforts later. Starting from the bottom edge, fold the paper towards the top edge and unfold. Similarly, fold right edge towards the left edge, left corner towards the right corner and bottom right corner towards the top left corner and unfold.
Create The Base
Once you have formed the creases on the paper, you can get on with creating the base. Starting from the bottom right corner, fold the paper to the top left to form a triangle. Now fold the bottom left corner towards the top right corner, creating another small triangle. Open the top flap and make a square by folding the top right corner towards the top left corner in a way that the centre of the top edge becomes the lower left edge of the square. Now flip sides and repeat the same process. Fold the top left corner towards the top right corner with the center of the top edge becoming the lower right edge of a square. 

Fold, Pull and Press
Make sure that your square is facing the right way. Fold down the top tip and upper right edge to angle the centre line. Now fold the bottom tip and lower right edge up to the center. Turn the left corner to the left and unfold. Now flip the paper and repeat the process again. Hold the top right corner and bring it down towards the left, folding on the vertical crease. Now, press the edges in a way that they adjoin at the centre and fold in the creases. Now, flip the sides again. Now pull down the right corner towards the left folding on the crease running vertically and press the edges so that they meet in the center where the creases were made. 

Check The Direction
Check the bird base to see if it is pointing out in the right direction. Fold down the top right edge down and pull the bottom right edge upwards so that they meet in the center. Now take the right end underneath flap and turn it to the left, by going round the back. Fold the bottom right edge up so that it meets the top edge. Fold the top corner down around the back folding along the center to adjoin the bottom corner. 

Fit The Flaps
Fold the left corner flap along the center so that it touches the right corner. Now fold the underneath flap towards the left and fold it back towards the center so that it unites in the right corner. Fold the right flap up along the line indicated to form a right angle and enfold the right side flap by folding in behind.
Stick The Neck Out
To create the dragon’s neck, fold the bottom edge of the front flap towards the top edge and fold the bottom layer around the back. Create a crease by folding the neck towards the front and then around the back and then unfold it again. Make another crease by folding the neck to the front and again towards the back. Grab the end of the neck and pull it downwards so that it creases each time. You will need to make another crease to ensure that the neck points upwards. For this, fold the neck up and towards the front and then fold it back before you unfold it.
Raise The Head Up
To make the dragon’s head, you will need to make a crease somewhere half way up the neck. Fold the tip to the front at the angle and then fold it to the back at the same spot. Fold the upper part of the neck inside out along the crease. Now make another crease by folding the end you just folded towards the front and then back again. To make the dragon horns or ears, turn the end inside out and fold back along the top edge to create the head. To make the mouth, fold the end back downwards and make a second fold at a point where the fold meets the neck.
The Tail End Of Things
To create the tail, fold the tail towards the body. Next, fold out the tail in a zigzag pattern, this time keeping it close to the body. Create another zigzag pattern down the length of the tail. You can adjust the angles of the tail depending on whether you want it to point upward, downward or straight.
The Dragon Takes Flight
To make the wings, use your fingers and curve the fold gently as per your desire. Your origami dragon is ready!

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