An origami box is very easy to make and can be of much practical use. Follow these easy instructions to know how to make an origami box.

Origami Box

An origami box is quite practical and can be used for storage purposes around your home. It can be used to store loose change, pins and other knick-knacks that otherwise seem to get lost amidst the maze of other household items. The best part is that it can be made at home, that too at a very low cost. You can make origami boxes of different sizes and gift them to your friends as well, bringing a smile on their face. A handmade origami box is far more personal and loving than an expensive worthless gift from a gift store. You can make an origami box with almost any kind of paper, like newspapers, craft papers, origami paper, etc. In case you want to know more, go through the following lines. Here, we have listed easy instructions on how to make an origami box.
Easy Origami Box
Supplied Needed 
  • Origami or Craft Paper 
  • Take a square piece of origami paper or colored craft paper and lay it with the colored side facing down, so that the white surface faces you. Now, name the four corners of the paper as A, B, C and D.
  • Fold the paper halfway lengthwise and then halfway from the width. When you unfold it, you will get the center point of the paper. Now, bring each of the corners and fold them in a way that the tips touch the center point.
  • Flatten the paper by pressing it with your palms and leave the corners as they are.
  • In the next step, fold each of the straight edges into the center point, crease it and then unfold. This process should be repeated with the other three sides of the paper as well.
  • Next, open the corners of the paper that you named A and D and lay them out flat, over the work surface. They should be opposite to each other, so that you have a point sticking out at each end.
  • Now, bring together the two sides of the paper, at the point where the pointed corner meets the straight edges. When they meet at the center, they will create a 3D effect. Crease the lines and hold it. Do the same with the opposite end as well.
  • You need to carefully lock the pointed corner down over the top section, which is under it. This will allow it to fold over and lie flat at the bottom of the box. With this, you have one side of the box ready.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other sides of the paper as well and your origami box will be ready. 
  • If you want to use the origami box for storing something that is quite heavy in terms of weight, it would be advisable to use a strong paper, which can withstand the weight. Otherwise, the box would get damaged very easily and very soon, making all your effort go waste.

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