Hangman’s noose is one of the perfect props to be used for Halloween’s Day decoration. Check out how to tie a noose.

Hangman's Noose

Hangman’s noose is one of the perfect props to be used for Halloween’s Day decoration. It brings the perfect scary look to the party place. On top of that, if you place a fake skeleton inside the noose, you can be sure that nobody will forget your Halloween party for a long time to come. It is not very difficult to tie a hangman’s noose and the best part is that for making it, the only thing you require is a rope. In case you are totally clueless about tying a hangman’s noose, this article will prove to be quite handy. Just go through the steps given below and know all about making a noose.
How to Tie a Noose
In the following lines, we provide you complete instructions on tying a hangman’s noose yourself.
Items Needed
  • Rope 
  • Take the rope and lay it in a big ‘U-shape’.
  • Take the right-end of the rope in your hand and turn it towards the right. The turned rope should be parallel to the left-side of the original ‘U’.
  • The resultant shape will be a sideways ‘S-shape’. Make sure that the extreme left side is longer then the right one.
  • Take the extreme right-end of the rope and wrap it around the loop several times, going from bottom-above.
  • Take the end of the rope (the one you are coiling) and put it through the top loop of the ‘S’ made before.
  • Pull out the right-end of the 'U' through the coil you have made, so that it tightly grips the end of the rope.
  • The hangman’s noose is ready. 
Other Types of Noose
The Simple Noose
The simple noose is mostly used as a base for further knots. It can be closely associated with the overhand-knot and the Marline Hitch or Single Hitch. An over hand knot should be added in the end.
The Strangle Snare
The easily adjustable pull of a strangle knot makes it excellent to be used as a running knot for a snare. More force is applied from inside the loop, so that the running knot can firmly prevent the opening of the loop.
The Scaffold Knot or Gallows Knot
The scaffold knot is based on the technique of the multifold-overhand knot. The knot is believed to have a dark history. This knot is also used to tie angling-rods to fish line.
The Reverse Eight Noose
In the reverse eight-noose, one loop is used to allow the yoyo spin on the end, which can be called up with a slight firm pull. While the yoyo has to spin fast, the noose has to be trimmed very carefully. The beginners can use two loops and tie firmly. Eventually, an overhand knot is used on the cross-marked ends.
Important Tip:
Never ever make use of the hangman’s noose on a person. It can prove fatal. Children should not be allowed to use it for playing. Accidents may happen if they are not too careful while handling it.

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