A nicely warped gift will always be appreciated as it indicates you care. Go creative when wrapping gifts, let your qualities shine through. Get useful ideas for gift wrapping from this article.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every little tiny thing you do - the way you keep your wardrobe, the state of your desktop in office, the way your drive - speak volumes about the person you are. So, has it ever occurred to you that the way you wrap a present/gift may also be analyzed in the same way (consciously or subconsciously) by the person receiving it? Yes, this is perfectly possible! It is, therefore, important that you take care to warp gift carefully and neatly, irrespective of the fact that it’s meant for a friend, family member or colleague.
When you wrap a gift nicely for somebody, it is always appreciated by him/her, because it also indicates that you care. Moreover, in all probability, you will find that the person receiving the gift will reciprocate in the same way when it is the time for him/her to gift you something. There are so many wonderful gift wrapping materials available you can make use of. Depending upon the occasion, you can also choose to go creative by using unusual gift-wrappers for the same. Read on to know how to wrap a gift at home, in a unique way.
Wrapping Gifts At Home
Use Lovely Dish Towel to Wrap Wine Bottle
Original Use of Dish Towel: Drying Dishes
This is a really innovative idea! You can gift wrap a bottle of wine in a lovely dish towel, made out of linen or soft flannel, secured its one end with the help of a colorful satin ribbon.
Secure Kids' Gifts with a Jump Rope
Original Use of Jump Rope: Playing double Dutch.
You get a jump rope in so many colors, lengths and thicknesses. Go ahead and buy one according to the size of the gift you have bought for your kid. Later on, the child can use the jump rope for playing.  
Tie Gifts with Ponytail Holders
Original Use of Ponytail Holders: Tying/ securing the hair in pony tails or pig tails.
If you are wrapping a gift like jewelry, chocolates, etc. in a pouch kind of a wrapper, then you can secure its end using a beautiful ponytail holder. You get ponytail holders in so many variety and designs that choosing one should be very easy. Rest assured that this wrapping will make your gift look very interesting.
Wrap Gifts in Newspaper
Original Use of Newspaper: For getting day-to-day detailed news updates
This is another interesting wrapping option. Have you every thought that you could even gift-wrap with a colorful newspaper? For a very dramatic effect, use newspaper pullouts that are very colorful, with interesting pictures and cartoons. However, you have to be very careful while packing. Do it very neatly and add a small bow after the wrapping’s done. 
Use Greeting Cards as Gift Tags
Original Use of Greeting Cards: For wishing near and dear ones on special occasions
The good thing about using greeting cards as gift tags is that you can easily put in use the cards that were presented you sometime in the past. Neatly cut out the front portion of the greeting card. Stick it on the front of the gift and scribble down your message on the blank edge.

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