Wrapping a gift is an art, a talent even. It takes practice and skill to wrap a gift. Read on to know how to wrap a gift seamlessly.

How To Seamlessly Wrap A Gift

Sometimes, wrapping a gift can be as, if not more important than the gift itself. It’s a life skill, something that everybody just has to be familiar with. Picture this: You’re heading out for a party and the party is being hosted by a very good friend of yours. So, you decide to get your friend a gift. You find the perfect gift for your friend and you’ve even bought glossy paper to wrap the gift in. However, there is an issue to the whole idea of the gift and the wrapping paper – You just don’t know how to wrap a gift! What are you going to do? You can’t wrap a coffee mug, you can’t wrap a watch, you can’t wrap a shirt, basically, you just do not know a thing on wrapping. Don’t panic, you’re on your way to master the art of wrapping a gift. Read on to know how to wrap a gift seamlessly.
Wrapping A Gift Seamlessly
  • Put your gift in a box, that’s if it’s not in one already. Putting your gift in a box, will not only help the gift look good but will also help you pack the gift. So, if your gift’s not in a box, find yourself one and proceed to place your gift in the box. The box should be a sturdy one; this will prevent the whole parcel from falling apart. However, if the box is not too sturdy, get yourself some tape and stick the box together.
  • Once the gift is in a box, get the wrapping paper and spread it on a hard and flat surface or simply, on a table. The wrapping paper should be spread out evenly and shouldn’t have any wrinkles on it. Now, place your gift on the wrapping paper and determine how much paper you may need to wrap the gift with. The wrapping paper should be enough to go around the box once and a few extra inches of the wrapping paper, on each side of the parcel is not a bad idea at all.
  • Take off the gift and mark out lines to help you cut out the wrapping paper. Use a ruler here. The lines should be straight and shouldn’t contradict with your measurements. Then, place the gift back on the wrapping paper and start folding the paper over the gift. You’ve got to do this with a certain degree of proficiency; your technique should give the wrapping paper a uniform crease. You can employ those extra inches of wrapping paper that you cut out after marking out for the same. Pull the paper to other side of the box and tape tightly. Repeat this process until the gift is completely wrapped.
  • Accessorize! Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can do a lot of things to make your gift look attractive. Get a ribbon and sequins. Tie the ribbon around your gift and complement the wrapping paper with a lot of sequins. The ribbon should be long enough to make a handsome bow. A pair of scissors will help you curl the ribbon to make the bow. Get going, start wrapping, you may soon become the best ‘wrapper’ around.

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