Beach wedding is fast catching up with the urban populace. If you are planning to marry on a beach, listed here are some tips to help you attain your ideal bridal makeup.

Beach Bridal Makeup

A picture perfect wedding is the dream of every woman. Wedding is the moment all women wait for. Almost everyone has a sketchy idea of what their wedding is going to look like. Will it on be on the hilltop, church, temple, or on the beach during a sunset. Many couples are now choosing the beach to tie the nuptial knot. The picture of taking your marriage vows with that special person, with the white sand under the feet, the music of the gently lolling waves, and winds brushing your cheeks creates warmth and beauty. Women who have visualized a beach wedding might also want to know the perfect bridal makeup for the occasion. Beach wedding bridal makeup requires some thinking, as you have to look your best, as well as battle out the outdoor conditions, perhaps throughout the day. Most beach brides don’t even enjoy wearing makeup while walking along the sandy shores. However, with little patience, a light makeup goes a long way to create those perfect moments that will be captured in the photos for eternity. Read the article for few tips on the beach bridal makeup.  
Tips For Beach Bridal Makeup 
  • If you are planning to marry during the summer season then you can have a perfect bridal makeup. For facial makeup choose a light foundation. If you have a clear complexion, you can avoid using foundation.
  • You can choose a liquid foundation to make your skin glow. Avoid using a thick matte base. It is a sound idea to start a good skin care routine days before your wedding. To look your best, have a proper diet, and exercising in the months before your marriage will help you achieve a glowing look.  
  • Use a light dusting of semi transparent powder to make your complexion shine through. Light use of makeup is also ideal for good photographs, especially, if the wedding is during the daytime. If you use heavy makeup, the harsh sunlight can make you look overdone.
  • It’s a good idea to stick to the use of light colors for makeup. You can consider applying peach, lavender, pink, and sky blue for your makeup. If you are not very fond of these colors or they do not gel with your skin tone, then you might try using shades of silver, gold, and lighter shades of green or purple.
  • Wearing waterproof mascara is not only practical but also comfortable. Waterproof makeup will not run down due to moisture and would not ruin the look.
  • You have to consider matching makeup with your dress. If your bridal dress is long flowing and designed intricately, you can opt for a classic makeup with more focus on your eyes and lips. If your look is ultra-casual, you can opt for a natural look with the bare minimum makeup. 
Suggestions For A Great Bridal Look
Glittering Look 
A pastel eye shadow with a dash of shimmer can easily brighten up your eyes. Apply a thin eye shadow, and choose a pastel shade like pearl, light blue, peach, and pink for it. You can brush your lower eyelids with the same shimmery shade. Apply several coats of mascara in black and brown color. To give your makeup a light look, apply a pastel blush in cream and powder. Finish your look in style with a lipstick in any shade of red or pink to enhance your bridal makeup. If your wedding is taking place in the evening or winter season, you can opt for a heavier makeup. 

Natural Look
If you are having a beachside casual wedding party then you might want to reflect the mood in your style and makeup. You can have a natural look without looking plain faced. Just apply powder on the skin and black or brown eyeliner to your eyelids. Then pastel blush your cheeks, and also apply a glossy natural lip color. To complete your casual bridal makeup, apply a coat of mascara.

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