A bridal tea party is a sweet and memorable way to celebrate a special day for the bride to-be. Read on further to know the different ideas for throwing a bridal shower tea party.

Bridal Tea Party

Bridal shower tea parties are a sweet traditional and elegant way to celebrate a bride’s upcoming wedding. It is a happening party with an emotional edge attached to it, as the bride to-be celebrates her singlehood for the last time. The perfect time for throwing a tea party is in the afternoon. While nothing can beat the comforts of a home, bridal tea party can also be hosted in a restaurant or at an old mansion. Since it is an informal, intimate event, only people close to the bride to-be should be invited like female friends and relatives for the tea party. Apart from making the guests feel homely and comfortable, it is extremely important to make sure that the bride to-be enjoys every single moment. Read on further to know the different ideas for a bridal shower tea party.
Ideas For A Bridal Shower Tea Party
Make the invitations as decorative as possible, since the event is informal in nature. However, many tend to confuse decorative with complex and end up ruining the invitation card. It is advisable to keep the invitations simple, mentioning only the necessary details. In case you are throwing the party at some place other than home, it is very important to provide the route for the venue, so as to guide the guests.
Since it is a tea party, emphasis should be on table decoration rather than the wall decor. The table should be set according to the venue. In case you are planning a garden bridal tea party, make sure that the entire area is completely shaded and cooled. Layer the table with colorful tablecloths. Place flower centerpieces matching the attire to be worn by bride-to-be. You can also place flowers that contrast the cutlery you would be using. Among the flowers, the rose buds, lilies and tulips are the most popular. Arrange the cutlery according to the tea party etiquette and place contrast napkins. The tea table should be arranged near small bushes and shrubs to give a beautiful look to the entire décor. Play soft music in the background throughout the party.
Do not include exotic foodstuffs in the menu; after all it is a bridal ‘tea’ party. Include only general items that are served at a tea party such as sandwiches, cakes, scones and, not to forget, tea. But you can also include foods like chocolate dipped strawberries, ham sandwiches, cream cheese sugar cookies, fresh fruit salad, chicken salad with grapes, assorted chocolate truffles, and so on. Instead of the normal tea, you can opt for herbal tea or lemon tea. Avoid cream for teas, since it becomes heavy, instead have half and half or milk.
The most interesting part about bridal tea parties is the bridal shower games. Since it is a tea party, it is best to have a special tea party game. List down all the things that you can see at the tea party, such as cookies, jelly, a cup of tea, ketchup, etc. Ask your guests to write an equivalent term for all the items listed. For bridal shower oriented games, the best is to play the classic fun game of problem and solution. As the bride to-be is likely to face problems after her marriage, it is best to provide the solutions beforehand itself. Divide the guests in two teams where one team will list the problems and other team will note down the solutions. Transfer the chits into a bowl and randomly pick out one. Read it aloud and create peels of laughter.
The tea party is over and all guests are set to leave. The best way to make the party memorable is by giving cute knick-knacks as favors to each of the guests. This would make the party linger in the minds of the guests for a long time to come. Give a little token of thanks to everyone to remember the wonderful and delightful afternoon. You can distribute a small candle made from a teacup, a heart shaped sachet, a packet of tiny cookies or candies, hand made soaps, flavored tea sachets, etc. as bridal tea party favors.

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