Creative and marvelous ways of wrapping gifts are mentioned below. Try these at various occasions ranging from wedding to birth anniversary.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

First impression is the best impression. Wouldn’t it be great if the first impression of your gift lasts even after opening the wrap! Generally, we take too much time in selecting the gift and more often than not, we end up scouring the souk for a perfect one, which could bring sparkle to the recipient’s eyes. However, after buying that one precious gift, when it comes to wrapping it, we end up casing it in the same old fashioned and boring way. Why not try something different this time? A simple bottle of champagne wrapped in a beautiful silver foil with a ribbon tied on the neck will give it a new look. This is how you make any ordinary gifts extraordinary. When the gift is a little big and you don’t get a proper box to fit in the gift, why not get it wrapped as per the shape of the gift. It is high time you break the rules of customary gift wrapping and try out something new in gift wrapping. If you are all set to do something out of the ordinary with the way you want to wrap your gifts, these ideas can help you out. Given here are some fabulous ideas that you can work upon while you are wrapping a gift.
How To Wrap Gifts Creatively 
Depending upon the occasion, here are some ideas to wrap the gifts creatively: 

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Gift
Take a plain, white paper and draw pictures of family members using crayons. Fill the paper with such pictures or you can even attempt your handprints or footprints. Fill the paper with these pictures and find your parents overjoyed! What more can make the wrap unique than one made by their own children.

Wedding Gift
You can use a foil wrapping paper to wrap the wedding gift. Keep the silver shiny side up. Now wrap the entire gift in a fine lace. A ribbon glued with beads can be used to tie around the gift. 

House Warming Gift
It will be a great idea to gift it in a dishcloth. Grab both ends of the cloth and tie them up with a pot scourer that has a hole in the centre. Slip each end of the cloth through the hole in the pot scourers. The tied up ends should look like a Christmas cracker. The fun part of the gift-wrap is that the recipient not only gets the gift but also the cloth and the scourers. 

Valentine’s Day
This is something special and the wrap also should be different and special. Make some homemade chocolates, wrap them in the foil. Paste the wrapped chocolates all over the gift wrap. This is truly a ‘sweet’ idea. However, if you are gifting anything special like lingerie, perfume, or jewelry, wrap it in a silk scarf and tie it off with a brooch. 

Here are some tips for wrapping gifts of particular shapes and types: 

Rectangular Shaped Gift
On the wrap, you can draw various pictures giving it a notion of an envelope, adding the return address as well. You can even stick the stamps and add the usual airmail wordings on the wrap. 

Jewelry Set
It will be a box type container in which you get the set. Wrap the box using a brown cover which is sprayed with a golden paint. Tie the wrap using a beaded ribbon. 

If you are planning to gift chocolates, take the wrapper of the chocolates and put it in a beautiful container that can be used again. You can gift it by filling a few candy canes on the lid. 

A Flower Vase
You can put some fruits into the vase until it is full and then decorate it with a ribbon in the neck. You can even place some good rose flower buds in the vase as well rather than giving it all wrapped up.

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