Kissing a woman for the first time and don’t know how to kiss? Don’t worry! Check out the tips given below on French kissing a girl.

How To Kiss A Girl

You have been dating her for sometime and feel like it’s the time you moved to the next level in the relationship. Yes, we are talking about developing physical intimacy, which usually starts with kissing. Usually, it’s the guy who initiates kissing between the two. However, he needs to take into consideration the comfort level and the willingness of the girl. Otherwise, he might end up getting a slap rather than a kiss. If you are one of those who want to kiss their girl, but don’t know how to go about it, this article is perfect for you. Read on to know more about kissing a woman for the first time.
How to Kiss a Girl
  • First of all, stop looking for the perfect moment. Kissing a girl is all about your feeling and her feeling and not the right time. When you feel that you want to kiss her and see some positive signs from her side too, that moment is the perfect moment.
  • Most of the women do not like kissing in full public view, in front of friends and strangers. Try to take her to a place that is much more secluded and offers some privacy too. If it happens to be a romantic location too, like a beach, you couldn’t have asked for more.
  • Now is the time to establish a bit of physical contact. Generally touch her while talking, open the door for her and then lead her with your hand on her lower back, etc. But please, don’t be too obvious.
  • Don’t rush into things; rather be slower than the usual. For ex - pause between sentences, eat your food slowly, etc. Make sure to maintain eye contact the entire time. Remember, eyes can convey even those feeling that lips cannot say.
  • Now is the time to linger your gaze on the other parts of her face, apart from the eyes and especially on the lips. While talking to her, look into her eyes, then give longing glances at her lips and again look into her eyes. This will help create a sexual tension between the two of you.
  • After following the above step for a few minutes, try moving closer to her. No, I’m not asking you to pick your chair and sit glued to her side. However, sitting at the other end of the table won’t do either. See her comfort level. If she looks uneasy when you move closer to her, back off and spend some more time on the initial steps. Otherwise, go ahead.
  • Now is the time to move in for the kiss. Don’t jump on to kissing her immediately. First, give her an indication that you are about to kiss her by touching her. Play with her hair, caress her cheek with your thumb, lightly whisper something into her ear, etc.
  • Finally, the time has come to start kissing her. Slightly bend your head to one side and move in for the kiss. Let her respond to the kiss. Wait for her to decide the momentum of the kiss and follow on. 
Tips on French Kissing a Girl
  • Make sure you smell good, right from your breath to your body odor.
  • Before going in for the actual kiss, slide your lips across hers a few times. This will help in building tension and make the kiss more enjoyable and passionate.
  • Pause when she wants to pause. Don’t force yourself on her.
  • During a pause, look into her eyes, smile slightly and whisper sweet nothings into her ears.
  • Don’t start doing the French kiss in the first go. Let her first get comfortable with the whole idea of kissing.
  • Kissing should usually be avoided in the first date, unless she gives an indication for the same.

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