Most guys go clueless when it comes to seducing a girl. Here is a useful article that talks about how to seduce or attract a girl.

How To Seduce A Girl

Seduction is an art and it takes practice to master it. Just like painting or cooking, it takes time to hone up the skills and attain perfection. Most of the practice is based on trial-and-error, with the ‘errors’ mostly outweighing the ‘trials’. Every girl is different and will react differently to your approaches. Some may like it, while some may huff at it. However, you need not get discouraged. The point is, you need to keep on trying, to know what are the specific aspects you need to sharpen up and how smooth you should be. You can even read this informative piece on how to seduce a girl, to make the task easier for you!
Tips for Seducing a Girl 
  • You cannot expect a girl to be seduced instantly. You need to be patient and make your moves in a calculated way, to make sure they have the right impact. Your seduction should be slow and not observable. That is what makes it all the more special.
  • Be different. It is tough to resist a girl who is drop dead gorgeous, but that is what you have to do! Every guy will ogle at her and may try to smile and shake hands. So, to set yourself apart from other guys, you need to try out something different. When you ignore a girl, you generate curiosity in her and she will want to find out why you are not pursuing her. Even this is a subtle form of seduction and you will see her coming for you!
  • Pleasing a girl is not a hard nut to crack in the dating game, the moment you know what exactly she wants. You have to please her in a subtle manner, so that she gets impressed. Try to read her body language. Observe when she reacts to things positively or gives out negative vibes. By just observing her, you will be able to know about the things that would actually please her.
  • Look out for signs that she is interested in taking things to the next level. She will laugh with a naughty look in her eyes, or keep gazing softly at you or even touch you flirtatiously. Reciprocate by taking her hand in yours or just playing with her hair or placing a lock right behind her ears.
  • Your tone should be subdued and sensual. No girl wants a guy to talk in a mechanical way or aggressive way. Talk in a hushed manner and come close to her ears when you want to compliment her; then smile seductively. This will give her butterflies in the stomach.
  • We have said this time and again - confidence is the keyword. No woman can be seduced without confidence. No girl wants to go out with a guy who is not sure of himself. Searching for words, apologizing constantly, staring blankly or feeling too shy to talk are signs of weakness and can make any girl run away swifter than a gazelle.
  • Looks count. Naturally handsome guys can seduce girls easily, but it doesn’t mean that guys who don’t look like Greek Gods can’t woo them. Dress up neatly and groom yourself well. Work out and look fit. Wear a nice perfume and look at yourself in the mirror. If you think you look good, the girls might think so too!
  • Seduce her by your talks. Do not use pick-up lines. Instead, use the words that can make her say ‘wow’! The words you use, to impress the girl, would help her interpret your personality and decide whether she should move on to the next guy or continue with you. Master the art of communication and use your speech to seduce her.

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