Drop down that shy attitude and check out some tips for seducing a guy.

Seducing Techniques For Him

‘Seduction’ is a game anyone can try his hands at. There is no book of rules, no set patterns and no foul play when it comes to the game of seduction. The best part is that it is a win-win situation, where there are no losers. Seducing your man will not only make him sweat and drop down to his knees with desire, but will also give a new zest to your love life. Unleashing your amorous self through skillful seduction techniques is also catalytic in promoting a healthy relationship. So, just dispel your shy attitude and try these seducing techniques on him to celebrate the sensual aspect of your relationship.  
Seducing Techniques for Him
The Arena
If you are really serious about playing the seduction game, first select an apt setting. Arrange for a private candlelight dinner with romantic music on the backdrop. There should be no other distraction and you should capture his complete and undivided attention. Let your eyes do the talking.
Smell to Kill
The scent of a woman can be a key factor in sub-consciously stimulating the desires of a man. So make sure you smell like an aphrodisiac plant to succeed in the game. Underline your pheromones by squirting a few drops of perfume or aromatherapy oils like jasmine, rose or ylang ylang.
Hide and Seek
Play smart when it comes to the dressing part. Accentuate your curves, but avoid dressing like a bimbo. Find a middle ground when it comes to adopting a kiss-and-tell attitude. Apart from looking sensuous, you should feel the same from within. Try wearing some lacy lingerie to highlight that sex-appeal.
The Poise
Show a confident attitude and posture. Sit with a straight back and carry a positive attitude. Do not shy away unnecessarily. It won’t take you far. Instead, be super confident and sip your drinks with élan. But, don’t be overconfident. You might end up looking like an arrogant vixen.
Subtle Gestures
While interacting with your man, your body language should leave hints of your latent feelings, without revealing the entire story. Play with your hair, lean towards him, caress other objects, make desirous eye contact or bite your lips every now and then. But don’t carry these gestures overboard or try too hard.
Magic of Touch
Lightly touch him when he makes an interesting comment during the conversation. Accidentally touch him while reaching for other objects. Make all the touches at the right moment in an understated manner. This will kindle his physical emotions and create sexual tension between both of you.
Dancing Shoes
Be it on the dance floor of a discotheque or the privacy of your bedroom, men love watching their women wear their dancing shoes as often as possible. Be assured that his heart will skip a beat with every step you take. Let yourself loose with some erotic dancing steps and light the last magical candle of seduction.

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