February 8 is 'Propose Day' in the Valentine Week - the best day to propose your love or marriage.

Propose Day

Her very thought makes you break into a shy smile, hearing her voice makes your heart skip a beat and every time you are with her, time seems to fly. She is the special woman in your life! Have you been considering serious commitment and finally settle down with that special someone? Then today, is the perfect day to convey what you have in your heart. February 8th is given the title of ‘Propose Day’ in this Valentine Week.
The best part about February 8th this year (2008) is the fact that it is a leap year. It is said that on a leap year, it is auspicious for a woman to propose a man. And the man simply cannot refuse! After all, let us not challenge age-old traditions! In the bygone era, if a man refused, he was fined. The fine was usually a kiss, payment for an expensive silk dress or a pair of gloves. Of course, you propose this year and marry the next year, since marrying on a leap year was supposed to bring bad luck.

Proposing is a Herculean task for many and just thinking about how to go about it can give anyone jitters! All you need to remember is that if you really love a person, just let them know. It is better to have said it and lost than not have said at all. Who knows, you might get the gift of reciprocation or even if you don’t, at least you will be glad you got it out of your heart. Though it pains when the other person responds with a ‘No’, at least you can move on and find yourself someone else. Love can happen with anyone, anytime and at any place. You just need to keep your eyes and heart open! Propose in the most romantic style and we assure you, nothing can go wrong!

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