Are you wondering how do you know if he loves you? Rest easy! Given in this article are a number of ways and signs to tell if a man/guy loves you.

How Do You Know If A Man Loves You

Being in love is such a beautiful feeling. The world seems a nicer place to live in and the feeling is increased twofold when love is reciprocated. Sometimes, the problem is that the other person is too shy to express his love and we fail to see the obvious signs. This holds true, especially in the case of guys. Not only do they find it very difficult to express themselves, but are also afraid of rejection as well as of losing the other person as a friend (in case she doesn’t share the feeling). This holds true for women as well. Now, you must be thinking of how you know if a man loves you or not. You have been going out with a guy for a while and want to know if he has a crush on you. It is absolutely alright to find out if the guy is interested in you. It matters the most when you have taken interest in the guy and want to know if he feels the same way. We are here to help you with the task. In this article, there are a number of ways to tell, if a guy loves you.
How Do You Know If A Man Loves You
Signs That He Loves You
  • He is concerned about your daily life schedule and shows a sincere interest in it.
  • He remembers all your habits, sometimes even those that even your closest friend doesn’t notice.
  • He looks for opportunities to talk to you. Sometimes, he goes out of his way, just to spend some time with you.
  • Whenever you go to a movie or a restaurant with him, it turns out to be of your choice only.
  • He stops spending a lot of time with his friends and you realize that he spends a lot more time with you instead.
  • He suddenly seems very interested in your future, like what your career plans are, when you are thinking of getting married, whether you have a boyfriend etc.
  • He calls you for no reason and chats with you for over an hour on the phone.
  • He cancels his plans, without the slightest hesitation, if you happen to ask him to go out with you.
  • He keeps looking at you continuously and the moment your eyes happen to meet his gaze, he starts looking elsewhere.
  • He is always taking about your ‘positives’ to his friends, family members and other people who are close to him.
  • He is never late for a meeting with you and always comes with some or the other knick-knacks, like flowers, chocolates, etc.
  • His friends and family members are extremely cordial towards you and welcome you with open arms.
  • His kitchen in loaded with stuff like biscotti, lemon-lime seltzer, and other feminine edibles, probably an indicator that you are lingering in his mind.
  • He remembers what you say, even the smallest of things.
  • Chivalry is another point. He treats you in true courteous ways and swears to protect you. If a guy truly cares about a girl he will be concerned about his behavior towards her. On the other hand of the guy is not much interested in you, he will not care what the girl thinks about his behavior.
  • He cares about your needs as well. Some little things in life, such as setting plates for lunch or dinner or covering you with a blanket while you are asleep are signs that he cares about you a lot.
  • He holds your hand while in a crowded area or in any public place. Now, this is something a guy usually would not do if he has not fallen in love with a girl. Holding hands in public is the indication of a couple in relationship or heading towards it. So, if he is not that sure of you, he would not declare his love in public. 
  • He considers and values your opinions. He would discuss about the important decisions in his life and will not decide until he has your opinion about it. In other words, he makes you feel important.
  • He constantly uses the word ‘we or ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘me’, without even realizing.
  • He tries his best to make up for any fight. At times he may even swallow his pride and apologize even though it is not his fault.
  • He keeps you updated about his life, by telling you each and everything, even though there is no obligation to do so.
  • Most importantly, he respects you, in all manners. It is not only about respecting you as a person, but also your job, hobbies and the most important of them all, your family. He also does not look or stare at other girls when you are around.   
It is said that a woman’s sixth sense is very strong. She can know the other person’s feeling, just by looking into his eyes. You can also do the same. If you find a happy gleam and shine in his eyes whenever he is around you, it is a sure shot sign that you mean much more to him than a friend, apart from the signs mentioned above.

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