Are you looking for signs to understand whether a woman is flirting with you or not? Go through this article and find information on signs of female attraction and flirtation.

Signs Of Female Attraction

Have you watched the flick “What Women Want”? It may be a trashy movie but if you have watched the movie you must have longed for the superpowers, the protagonist of the movie Mel Gibson had, that is to be able to read the minds of women. "It is very difficult to know what is going inside the head of a woman". Very often, you may have said it yourself. In fact, many of you may even feel that understanding a woman is as good as solving an unsolved mystery. Probably, this is the reason why they fail to understand whether a woman is interested in them or trying to avoid them. In order to determine whether a female really likes you or not, you need to read her body language and draw inference from it. Women will display a typical type of behavior if they like you. However, the signs are so subtle that if you are not aware of them beforehand, it will be very difficult for you to follow them and draw a conclusion. In order to help you out, we have provided a number of female flirtation signs in the lines below. So after you have put your efforts in impressing a woman and wants some green signal to move ahead. These signs will help you understand whether or not the woman you are dating is interesting in you. If you see a woman displaying them, it is an indication that she is flirting with you. So what are you waiting for? Go on, explore the lines, and know the signs of female attraction.
Signs Of Female Attraction
Tossing Her Head
This is one of the classic sign of female attraction and probably the first sign women shows when they are attracted towards a guy. So while you are on a date and very often she tosses her head in a seductive way, then probably the girl is interested in you.
Smiling At You
Smiling is a universal signal of attraction. If a woman smiles much when she is with you, then probably she is attracted towards you. Usually she would smile when you look up at her if she finds you interesting. However, you need to check whether the smile reaches to her eyes or if she is just being polite.
Blushing When You Look At Her
If a girl blushes when you look at her she may be interested in you. Generally, the blush is an outcome of her expression of feminism. 
Flashing Wrists
Experts believe that by showing wrists, which is a vulnerable spot of a woman shows that she wants to trust you and is interested to take the relationship further. Flashing wrist is a subconscious behavior which shows that a woman is attracted to you.
Flipping Her Hair
Hair is one of the most important parts of a women’s feminism and so flipping the hair is a sign of drawing an attention to herself. So if she flips her hair while she is with you, then you may have already scored. However, you need to know whether or not she is habitual in flipping her hair.
The list of some of the other signs you can look for while you are checking whether the woman is attracted to you or not are given below: 
  • Turning Her Body Towards You
  • Stretching
  • Trying To Engage Your Attention
  • Averting Your Gaze
  • Showing the inside of her palms and hands
  • Tilting her head to one side and looking at you
  • Giggling and looking at you every now and then
  • Holding eye contact for a second longer than necessary
  • Brushing against you as she passes
  • Reacting to your conversation from nearby
  • Initiating conversation by asking trivial questions, like time
  • Repeatedly looking at you and, after a few seconds, looking away
  • Giving you compliments
  • Disagreeing while laughing
  • Trying to remain isolated from her friends
  • Licking her lips repeatedly
  • Consistently crossing and uncrossing her legs

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