Body language speaks louder than words, and reading & decoding female body language signs can prove to be a challenge. With this article, learn how to interpret women’s body language.

How To Interpret Women's Body Language

Body language displays automatic signs (messages) that are sent by the body unintentionally. It is the most reliable indicator of how one feels about others and vice versa. We often pay more attention to verbal messages and frequently ignore body language messages. But, unconscious body language messages are more accurate and truthful. This is because such messages come from reflex responses, deep in the limbic system of the old brain. Till date, men and women use the same body language to attract a mate that was once followed by their ancestors. Another known fact is that women read body language better than men. Read the following article to learn how you can read a woman’s body language and interpret its meaning.
Reading & Decoding Female Body Language Signs
Women who are trying to attract a man’s attention can easily be noticed, even from across the room, since every aspect of their body language changes drastically. You can see them leaning towards the man they are trying to attract and making frequent eye contacts. They smile constantly, chew their lips and make animated faces. Women attempting to flirt also fidget more, like fiddling with jewelry, twisting rings and tugging at necklaces. Their heart beat faster than usual, due to nervous excitement. You can see them playing with their hair or placing their hands on themselves in some unusual manner. All these signs give a green light for your chances of sailing in.
The body signals that represent desire are similar to the flirtation signals, but they are ramped up a couple of notches. In this case, women make prolonged and increased eye contact and their dilated pupils indicate sex arousal. They invite you with their sassy poses, with their hips and chest out. This is a dead giveaway, but usually happens in a private or sexually charged situation, like that in a club. In case a woman is breathing more heavily or trying to touch you under any pretext, it shows desire. This will enable you to ease yourself into more intimacy. Make excuses to touch her and increase eye contact and finally, you can get intense if she doesn’t pull away.
There are signs that show a woman’s disinterest in you as well. In case your woman keeps looking away while you are talking to her and smiles rarely, this is a clear signal that she is not interested. If she is leaning away from you or crossing hers arms in front of you, this strongly indicates that she is physically as well as mentally closed to your gestures.
Feeling Conflicted
In case women are unsure of their feelings towards you or your intentions for them, they give signals that show their conflict and indecisiveness. Their body gives a combination of flirtatious and disinterested signals. They make eye contact, but abruptly turn around. They may lean towards you, but shyly ease back when you move in to match their signals. This shows that they are not sure of their feelings for you or vice versa. Do not force the matter in such a situation.
When women narrow their eyes and close their mouth tightly, it clearly reveals their anger and icy-cold burn. This can sometimes be accompanied by a tilted head and tightly clenched or closed fists. It is also possible that they may cross their arms in a very disinterested pose. These body postures usually happen when you are dating a woman and not when you trying your hand on one.
Mixed Signals
Often women display mixed signals. Some use sarcasm and put-downs to flirt with men, even though they are interested in them. In this case, your experience in interpreting female body language will come to your rescue. For instance, if a woman is insulting you with her words as well as displaying all the signs of flirting, she is most likely into you.

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