Reading and understanding body language is an interesting activity, which can make you deft at the art of socializing. To know how to read body language, read on.

How To Read Body Language

Understanding body language is not an easy trait and cannot be acquired overnight. Body language is the way a person conducts and carries himself. Every gesture and movement exuded by different body parts have their own meaning and significance. As these gestures become a part of the person's personality, they are hard to be noticed. Therefore, reading body language requires lot of time and practice. So those, who want to acquire the trait of knowing people better, read on to know, how to read body language.
Eyes are one of the most expressive features in the entire face. There is so much that can be interpreted from the eyes of a person. For instance, dilated eye pupils indicate that the person is interested in the topic. Moreover, if someone is gazing to the side, it shows that the person is feeling guilty. Likewise, if someone is looking down, it means he/she is being shameful.
Even hands can express a great deal of information, when it comes to body language. Open palms indicate that a person is relaxed and comfortable. It also indicates that their defenses are relaxed. To the contrary, clenched fists can mean anger as well as nervousness.
Mimicking or copying someone's body language or action means that the other person is comfortable in the situation. It also conveys that he is interested in the first person as well as in his conversation.
The main two expressions shown by arms are that they are either closed (folded) or open. When folded, the person is possibly angry or disapproving. When the arms are open, the person is in an honest and accepting position.
Feet position of a person expresses great deal about a person's comfort level. When standing opposite one another, if the other person's feet are facing towards you, this means that they are comfortable. Usually in such a situation, their head and eyes will also be focused on you.
If the legs of a person are shoulder width apart, it means he is relaxed. If someone is standing with a stance wider than that, it means he is confident and in a grounded, controlled position. Crossed legs usually indicate that the person is shy and in a protective mode.
A pointing finger towards someone or towards an object can imply anger. Curling of fingers tightly means pleading for something.  Drumming or tapping with the fingers indicates frustration; the faster the rate of beating, the greater the frustration and tension inside the person.

Raised eye brows normally indicate that the person is shocked or surprised. The greater the surprise, the more raised and arched they will be. When someone flicks their eyebrow up and down quickly, it is a sign of greeting someone else or an expression of acknowledgment towards them.

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