Sometimes, a slight eye contact can speak a thousand words and that is the beauty of understanding body language. Explore the article to know tips on how to understand body language.

How To Understand Body Language

Body language can be best described as non-verbal means of communication. Humans use gestures, poses, movements and physical expressions to convey their feelings and connect to others. Imagine, a slight wink from your friend is enough to make you understand that it’s a secret between the two of you! Similarly, they are many other gestures that reinforce expressions. While you can fake a smile or spin the yarns of words to fool the other person, your body can easily betray you by sending across the true message. However, it is to be noted that postures of person may also depend on physical fatigue and illnesses. Therefore, such factors need to be weighed in, while attempting to understand someone’s body language. Do you want to gain some more tips on how to understand body language? If yes, then read on.
Understanding Body Language
Crossing Your Arms: Crossed arms can be interpreted as a sign of defensiveness or resistance. It may also imply that the person crossing his/her arms is trying to resist your impact and influence.
Eye Contact: Very little eye contact coveys your uneasiness or disinterest. While too much eye contact can make others feel comfortable, looking straight in the eye conveys confidence, and that you are listening to the other person intently.
Nodding The Head: This gesture implies agreement or understanding. However, too much bobbing may be taken as an indicator of nervousness or anxiousness.
Clearing The Throat: Though clearing the throat may not be done purposely to mean something, there is a possibility for it to be mistaken for indecisiveness, disagreement or deception.
Fidgeting: Fidgeting is a clear sign of boredom, impatience and nervousness. It conveys that you want to find something better to do.
Hand & Gestures: An open hand can be seen as an indicator of sincerity and helpfulness, though not under all circumstances. However, clenched fists are interpreted as an indicator of tension or anger.
Touching/ Rubbing The Nose Gently: This gesture is a reflection of a feeling of rejection, doubt or lying.
Narrowing Eyes: Narrowing your eyes while looking at someone conveys an impression that you do not like him/her. However, some people also tend to narrow their eyes, when they are thinking over something.
Standing Too Close: Standing too close to someone reflects your closeness and comfort level with that person. Mostly, we stand very close to our good and intimate friends only.  
Holding Objects In Front Of Your Body: Holding a cup of coffee, notebook, handbag, etc in front of your body is an indicator of shyness and resistance. It implies that you are hiding behind the object to separate yourself from others.
Raising Eyebrow:  Raising an eyebrow can be interpreted as “oh really?” It conveys to the other person that you are yet to believe what he/she is saying. It means that you are suspicious.  
Picking Lint Of Your Clothes: During a conversation, if you are looking downwards and picking lint from your clothes, it implies that you are disapproving of the ideas of the other people. It can also mean that you feel uneasy giving them an honest opinion.

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