Working in a cubicle can sometimes prove to be disgruntling and irritating. Explore this article to know some tips and guidelines for office cubicle etiquette.

Cubicle Etiquette

Cubicle etiquette forms the set of unwritten rules that exist in any workplace. The guidelines and rules should be followed by all the employees working in a cubicle. People often tend to consider the cubicle as their own office, while working in large organizations. They also prefer privacy in their cubicle and tend to get disturbed and annoyed when interrupted by other employees. The key to working in a cubicle is respect and consideration for others. Respecting cubicle etiquette can make the workplace have a more productive and harmonious environment. Given here are some tips and guidelines that should be followed for good cubicle etiquette. Read on further to know more about the same.
Office Cubicle Etiquette Tips 
  • Speak softly while talking on the phone, as some people have a tendency to eavesdrop on other’s conversations.
  • Speaking loudly, be it on phone or otherwise, can distract your colleagues who are focusing and concentrating on their work.
  • Minimize your personal calls and limit them to your lunch period, as other people have work to do.
  • Do not put your phone on speaker mode, while talking in a cubicle, as it is unnecessary and rude.
  • Switch off your cellular phone or put it on vibrate mode, to avoid disrupting others around you.
  • Avoid entering other person’s cubicle, unless you are invited or have to discuss something really important.
  • Stand at the entrance of the cubicle and make your presence known to the person you are visiting, rather than barging in.
  • Never ever discuss a confidential matter in the cubicle. Use the board/ conference room instead.
  • Keep your cubicle neat and orderly. A disorganized cubicle reflects poorly on your level of professionalism.
  • Do not borrow items from your mates’ cubicle, without informing them. If really urgent, leave a note, stating what you borrowed. 
  • Just as you expect others to respect your privacy, respect their’s also. Don’t read their memos, notes or faxes, when they are not in their cubicle.
  • Do not practice good hygiene in your cubicle. Keep hair brushing, eyebrow plucking, flossing, etc. to the rest room, during lunch hours.
  • Avoid playing music at your desk during office hours. If you have to, use a headset.
  • Avoid using exclusively odorous perfumes and fragrances in a cubicle arrangement, as some people can be allergic to them.
  • Never loiter outside someone’s cubicle, when he/ she is talking on the phone. At the same time, do not try to try to peek in, as you walk past.
  • Do not talk across the cubicles. It is better to walk up to the other person’s cubicle and have a chat in low volume. 
General Tips 
  • In case, you are having your lunch at your desk, avoid disrupting others.
  • Avoid dating with a workmate, as office romance not only distracts you, but also other colleagues around you.
  • Do not indulge in office gossip. They hurt and are often false.
  • Smoking can be very off putting to other employees. If at all necessary, move out of the office premises to smoke.
  • Keep a fine balance between privacy and accessibility, as this will help in improving relations with your colleagues.

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