You win some and then you lose some. Ever wanted to win them all? Here are some proven ways to win an argument.

How To Win An Argument

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are confronted by an angry person, who reminds you of a bull in a Spanish bull-fighting arena? He/she seems to be breathing fire down your neck and there’s nothing you can say or do that would stop them from jumping down your throat each time you open your mouth. So how do you win an argument? There are many write-ups available for reading, which suggest that the reader should be rough, ruthless, calculating, and, oftentimes, not completely truthful. Some even suggest that the best way to win an argument is to irritate the opponent into exaggerating, and then trapping them. However, the best way to win an argument is to win the person as well and not to out-argue them. By using the following tips, you would be knocking down their communication blocks to the point where communication can occur – and you have won the argument.
Ways To Win Arguments 
Tips And Tricks
Start Off With The Right Attitude
Do not start off trying to prove yourself right and your opponent wrong. This will make both of you more deeply fixed on your own views, no matter who was the more dominant arguer. The other person’s resolve will only be strengthened further and the argument will never end. You cannot win an argument with resistance. 
Aim To Reach A Goal
Aim to reach a goal, rather than aiming to convince the other person that you are right. If you wish to win the argument at any cost, then the price you might have to pay is your relationship with the other person. Therefore, go in for an entirely different goal. Since the goal is to win the arguments, don’t concentrate on bandying words. You would also want to convince the other person, not that he/she is wrong, but that you are right. 
Use Strategy
If you try to prove that, you’re right you will most often end up provoking the other person. Remember that the best battles are won, not by means of a frontal attack, but by means of strategy. Focus on the other person’s behavior and words. Never attack – when they attack you just redirect the attack back to them. It’s similar to verbal martial arts. Just repeatedly deflect the person’s arguments back to him/her. 
Do Not Retaliate
No matter what happens, do not retaliate. Imagine a person who is in a boxing ring and swinging his arms around trying to hit out at you – but you are not there fighting him. He will get tired after a while. Similarly, let the arguer run out of steam and then handle the situation. This is about getting your opponent to shut up – and then using the facts with logic to win the argument. Also, never take things personally. If a person gets you a gift and offers it to you, if you do not accept the gift, they will still own the item that they purchased for you. Similarly, when you do not accept the verbal attack, the sting of the attack wears off.

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