Are you ready for proposing marriage to your beloved? If yes, then check out the article and explore the best and the most romantic ways to propose marriage to him/her.

Romantic Ways To Propose Marriage

You have discovered the man/woman of your dreams and want to spend the entire life with him/her. In other words, it is the time to propose marriage. Since marriage is an important occasion in everyone's life, the proposal should be such that your beloved remembers and cherishes the moment for the entire lifetime. Now, if you are wondering about the best ways to pop up the question, this article is what you need. Go through the following lines and get ideas on the most romantic ways to propose marriage.
Ways Of Proposing Marriage 
  • Take your partner to a busy restaurant. Just before eating the dessert, get down on your knees, with a rose in one hand and the ring in the other. Looking deep into your partner's eyes, say - 'Will you marry me?'
  • Write the golden words 'Will you marry me' with chalk or paint, on the street outside his/her apartment. Make sure that the letters are big enough to come to the notice of your beloved.
  • Contact your local radio station and let the RJ pop up the question for your sweetheart, on air, when you are sure he/she will be listening. Then, dedicate a song to your beloved.
  • At a gathering of family members and close friends, sing a song, specially dedicated to your partner. After finishing the song, pop up the question to him/her, in front of all the people present there.
  • Call on your close friends. Ask them to hold banners, on which the words 'will you marry me' are written. Gather them outside your love's home, waving the banners in front of him/her. The moment he/she spots the display, come in front and ask the question.
  • Take a few boxes of varying sizes. Gift wrap the smallest box, with the ring inside it, and place it in the box of the next big size. Now, wrap that box and keep it inside the next one. Once all the boxes are done, gift it to your beloved. As your beloved opens the boxes, one by one, he/she would be surprised to find the beautiful ring inside the smallest box! The moment he/she finds the ring, say the words - 'will you marry me?'
  • You may bake a cake for your beloved and write the golden words - 'will you marry me?' on top, with the help of icing.
  • Buy a charming bracelet for your sweetheart. Have the words 'marry me' arranged on the ornament.
  • Recreate the first date with your beloved, refreshing the sweet memories. Visit the place, where you met him/her for the first time. Talk about the memorable times spent with him/her. At the end of the date, tell your love that you want to spend your entire life with him/her.
  • When you are about to drive down in your car, write your marriage proposal on the vehicle's windshield, with washable spray paint, and wait for your love to read it.
  • Sneak into your love's home. Fill his/her room with bouquets of red flowers. On the bed, place a little teddy bear, holding the ring and a love note, asking him/her to marry you.

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