Do you want to know how to tell if a girl is flirting with you? If yes, then go through out this article and learn about the telltale signs that will help know whether she is flirting with you or not.

How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You

You have come across a hot chick and are doubtful whether she is really interested in you or just flirting around. This is because, when a girl treats a guy "differently" and sets him apart from the crowd, many reasons can be attributed to it. She may have a crush on the guy or might be interested in flirting only. Men generally mistake friendly flirting as an indication for sexual advances. Flirting is a means to know someone better or create a playful rapport between two people. More often than not women flirt with their male colleagues or acquaintances to make things more interesting rather than indicating to them that they are interested in them sexually or romantically. If you act upon just some friendly flirting between you and the girl who initiates it, it might end up offending that girl and ruin whatever you two had between each other. If you do not want things to get awkward between you and a fellow female friend then learn to differentiate between a friendly flirting and the kind of flirting that can be turned into something more. And if she is actually flirting with you and looking for more, she will leave some major telltale signs and you must watch out for them. If you do not know how to read into her flirting ways then here we are to teach the essentials. Read on this article to be sure if that girl is trying to hit on you.
Signs To Know She Is Flirting With You
Looking Different
Impressing their male counterpart through physical appearance is an age-old method, adopted by women till date. When a girl is flirting with you and wants to gain your attention, she would try to make herself look very attractive. In this process, she would groom herself well, cross-check her lipstick, finger her hair or smooth her dress, before confronting you. So, when the girl you have known for years starts to look different than usual, dresses up to meet you and adopts feminine antics then she is definitely into you. And if you will look for it closely, in her friendly banter she will mention more than once that she has taken up a new image to get your attention. If her skirt is shorter than usual and neckline plunges lower––yes! She is flirting with you!
Longer Conversations
If a girl is flirting with you, she would go out of her way to get a chance to strike up a conversation with you. She will find ways to keep you interested in talking to her. All of those conversations will be centered on you and she will overwhelm you with her attention. She would not limit her conversation into the usual 'hi' and 'hello'. Rather, she would try to elongate it, by way of enquiring more about you. In order to spice up the conversations and increase the duration, she might resort to teasing you, at times, but in a subtle way. And if you will play along with this teasing then you will see how she opens up to you very quickly. 
Touch Of Gold
While talking to you, she would try to lean towards you. She might even lean on your shoulders. Women like to touch their men while talking to them as a sign of admiration and interest. She will joke around with you and might hit you slightly on the shoulder. If you will not retaliate and go along then these ‘hits’ and ‘touches’ will linger on for longer than usual. This is her way to show that she is physically interested in you.
She would maintain eye contact with you, much longer than usual. Although she would not stare at you, it would be difficult for her to take eyes off you. This is also her special way to show that she is into you and what happens around her does not really concern her when she is around you.
Giggle Fit
She would laugh at all your jokes, even if they are not even worth a quick smile. Do not take her wrong; she may not be doing this deliberately. It is natural for a girl to giggle a lot in front of the man she has fallen for. Usually it is out of intimidation and anxiety that a girl feels around her lover.
Tireless Attention
Listening is a habit that girls do not forget to inculcate, when they are flirting with guys. She would listen to you carefully, with full focus on your words, as if nothing on earth is as important as your "golden" words. Her attention would be almost daunting and might make you uncomfortable. Anything that comes out of your mouth will fail to bore her. You will not even have to put an extra effort to keep her interested.
It’s Different
Watch her behavior with other guys as well. If you could sense a change in her behavior, in terms of politeness and the way of talking, probably she is flirting with you. If she is into you then there is no way that she will behave in the same way with you. If whenever she is around you she is touching her face a lot or twirling and playing with the locks of her hair then she is looking for your attention. Wwhen you do start giving her the attention she is craving for then you will notice that she starts to feel shy too often or blush at every compliment you give her.

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