Are you suffering from bad memory? If yes, then browse through the article and find out the best ways to improve your memory.

Improve Bad Memory

Many people have the ability of memorizing large amount of facts and information. On the other end of the spectrum are people who find it difficult to recall even the simplest things in their life, such as important dates. Although the brainpower differs from person to person, certain techniques can surely be adopted to improve your memory. If you are one of those who are looking for the best ways to improve bad memory, this article is just right for you. Go through the following lines and learn how to increase your concentration power and sharpen your memorizing skills.
Ways To Improve Your Memory
Keep Your Brain Active
Keep your brain active, by "exercising" it regularly. Develop new skills that are not merely mechanical, but also involve thought process. Playing musical instruments and solving mind puzzles, such as crosswords and sudoku, daily, will be helpful in this context. By providing "food" for your brain this way, you will be able to concentrate more and memorize things easily.
Banish Stress
Stress severely affects the brainpower and the capability of a person to recall things. In a stressful situation, you will find it quite difficult to remember things that took place in the recent past only. High levels of stress also contribute to lack of concentration. Therefore, it is vital to beat the stress. Relax your body and soul by meditating, doing stretching exercises or practising yoga. Apart from increasing the concentration power, such activities also help to have healthy brain.
Eat Well
The foods that you eat have a direct effect on the performance of your brain. A healthy diet supports a healthy brain and increases your mental power as well. Fibrous fruits and vegetables, broccoli, spinach, berries, blueberries and asparagus are considered good brain foods. You may also take supplements, such as Thiamine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B- 12 and Vitamin B-6 pills. Diets rich in antioxidants are also known to increase memory power.
Alter Your Learning Style
Learning is a process that requires the complete involvement of your brain. Find ways by which you can remember things easily. Some people find it easy to memorize the facts visually, while others register, what they have learnt in their mind, by listening. In the first case, you may use pictures or video to learn by heart. In the second case, you may use audio tapes for the purpose.
Repeat Things
In order to memorize things, you may have to repeat them time and again. Focus on your topic/subject and then repeat the words, either loudly or silently. This will help you register it in your mind.  
Pay Attention
Without paying full attention to what you learn, even repeating it many times will not prove helpful in memorizing it. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the things you learn, to retain them in your thoughts for a long time. 
Group Things Together
It might be difficult to memorize a list of random things at a time. Instead, you can group the similar things together, so that you remember everything that has been enlisted. Categorize individual things from a list and relate each element to the other. This way, you will be able to memorize even a long list very easily!

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