Talking to a dying person may seem to be intimidating, especially if you have not encountered someone facing death earlier. With this article, you will learn how to talk to a dying person.

How To Talk To A Dying Person

Death is the ultimate truth of life. It is shocking and agonizing when your love one dies accidentally. On the other hand, seeing a loved one on the death bed, waiting to say good bye to the world, is immensely painful. When you are witnessing such a critical time, you might become scared of the thought of dealing with the person. At the same time, it is very rude to stay away from a dying person and deprive him/her of comforting human touch and contact. Unless he/she is suffering from any communicable disease, you should sit and try to talk to him/her as much as you can. Dedicating time towards a person who is on death bed would surely help ease his pain. It might also make him/her depart peacefully. Go through the article and learn more about how to talk to a dying person.
Talking To A Dying Person 
  • The dying person would want some peace of mind. Therefore, eliminate all the distractions, such as radio, television etc. Set an atmosphere that is calm and peaceful.
  • Talk to the person at the same eye level. Avoid standing beside him/her. Instead, sit near him/her, such that he/she has no difficulty in talking or listening to you.
  • Control the volume of your conversation. At the same time, let the dying person set the pace of the conversation.
  • You should not expect a dying person to be energetic. He/she may have very little energy. Therefore, you need to keep asking him/her, as to whether he/she needs a break from the conversation and wants to rest.
  • At this point of time in life, a person may want to reminisce his/her golden period of life. Talk about the significant events of his/her life. Sharing happy thoughts with the person would help deviate his/her mind from the current situation.
  • A dying person may display various emotions. He/she may get angry, guilty or even afraid of facing death. Comfort the person. Allow him/her to express the varied emotions.
  • You don't have to answer or question a dying person. All you need is to lend an ear and listen to him/her carefully, with patience, showing some interest as well.
  • This stage of life may bring about fear and anxiety in a person. Hence, you need to show courage while talking to the dying person. Show your smiling face, instead of getting emotional.

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