Given below are some signs of insecurity that are commonly seen amongst people. To know what are the signs of an insecure person, read on.

Signs Of An Insecure Person

Security is something, which is desired by everyone. That is why it is important for all of us to be comfortable with ourselves. A secure person is more likely to achieve success, have meaningful relationships and be respected by others. On the contrary, insecure people find it very difficult to manage things in every aspect of their lives. Though it is impossible to be completely free of doubt, one should try to be confident and sure about himself. People generally have a concept that security is an outer phenomena; meaning to say that people try to find security in achievements and abundances. Although, these factors does contribute to the attainment of mental security but it is not a stable phenomena, as the outer accomplishments come and go. What stays with you is the strength of your mind and an indestructible faith in your capabilities. When you have that faith in yourself then you can surmount any trouble in life. And this kind of self motivation makes one secure. Insecure people torment themselves with doubts and they question themselves constantly. All their energy gets used up in not falling apart and tripping off their self constructed cliff of over criticism and distrust in their ability to sail through life and its complications. If you think that you suffer from insecurities then you should work on it and bring in more positivity into your life. If you want to know what are signs of an insecure person, read on.
Signs of Insecurity
  • An insecure person becomes overtly selfish. He tries to surround himself with possessions, accolades and attention. Abundance makes him secure and feel protected. When he has got many friends and a lot of money to support his life, he feels like nothing can get him. It is obviously a wrong sense of security because it depends on the external factors. 
  • An insecure person becomes overly accommodating and tries to gain other people's approval. Validation is what insecure people covet all the time. They go out of their way to get appreciation. They want to be accepted by everyone and feel secure. If someone is indifferent to them or does not give them the approval, then insecure people get stuck on the idea of getting consent of this particular person.
  • Insecure people tend to be very defensive and cannot handle criticism. They are not comfortable with their own-self. When someone constructively criticizes them, they take it as an attack on themselves. Insecure people have a tendency to take everything personally. Even if the criticism is not directly on them but on things involving them, they take it on themselves. It is very difficult to hold a constructive conversation with an insecure person.
  • Insecure people can't enjoy silence and they try to fill it with unnecessary chatter. This is because they find it very hard to stay with their thoughts. They do not have a very positive view on themselves, therefore whenever they just sit in silence their mind tends to go back to the thoughts they have been ignoring about themselves. This makes insecure people uncomfortable, which is why they are always talking or spending time with everyone else but themselves.
  • Excessive joking is also a mechanism for coping with insecurity. An insecure person craves for other people's attention, which is achieved when other people laugh at their jokes. However, this leads to insensitivity towards others. Not just making fun of others, insecure people also make fun of themselves constantly to grab some attention. They have an attention seeking attitude; they use anything and everything for it. In fact sometimes they resort to cruel attitudes as well. For example, if their peers are bullying someone and due to their insecurity they are desperately trying to fit in then their sense of wrong and right will be clouded and they will get along with it instead of standing against it.
  • Insecure people are self promoting and constantly talk about themselves. They need validation from other people for their actions and qualities. They would not listen to or pay attention to other people’s stories and opinions but in fact only think of their problems and their situations.
  • Insecure people are even threatened by others and therefore by bullying they try to crush their opinion. They are either very competitive by nature or suck up very easily to the people who are in authority.
  • Insecure people tend to be overly authoritative as they tend to compensate for their lack of confidence by taking out their frustrations on their subordinates. They feel more powerful in other people’s docility for them.
  • They cannot stand a defeat. They are scared of losing and so they always keep themselves at the edge.
  • Being materialistic also shows that person is insecure because he feels that by acquiring material wealth and showing it off he will be able to gain people's attention and acknowledgement. They are always waving their credentials in other people’s faces.
  • Over jealousy is yet another sign of insecure people as they lack trust in their partners. This is visible in constant questioning, mistrust and altercations with the members of the opposite sex.
  • Insecure people even become abusive if they fail to control their partners/ close friends.
  • Overly sexual behavior also portrays insecurity as the person treats his or her sexuality as a crutch to get other's attention. For them sex is just another way to win and prove their mettle.

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