Playing hard to get with someone is trying to grab their attention, when you are actually getting none. To know what is playing hard to get, read the tips given below.

Playing Hard To Get

Playing hard to get someone is surely a tricky task. It's an age old flirting game, which both men and women play with each other to grab attention and interest. The fun-filed game provides you a challenge to make your prospective interest or target get attracted towards you. It is said that whoever plays hard to get seems more irresistible for the opposite sex. Moreover, this game can even fetch you results if your boyfriend or girlfriend seem to be ignoring you. To know in detail, what is playing hard to get, check out the tips given below.
Tips on Playing Hard To Get
  • Before playing hard to get with somebody, make sure the person is a potential mate and worth your time. The aim is purely to get involved with the person and not make them think that you are interested to ditch them later.
  • Lend out your phone number only after being asked two or three times. Initially show hesitation and uncertainty. After giving your number, when the person calls, don’t seem desperate to answer the call. Take time in receiving the call or answering it back.
  • Do not show too much interest, even if you are writhing with anticipation on the inside. Present yourself as a challenge, rather than an easy target.
  • Do not be too clingy and give considerable time breaks between conversations or meetings.
  • To stir interest, call them when you know they won’t be at home. Leave behind a message that you regret not been able to talk to them. This will express your interest and will make the other person crave to speak with you.
  • Intentionally hold the person at bay. Don't be too willing or too needy, as this will shatter your image of being an alluring person.
  • Make sure you keep hopes alive for the person you are trying to play hard to get with. However, do not take this game too far. Maintain a balance between the disparities you show in your behavior as too much of shooing away might actually drift the other person away.

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