Safety is supreme when it comes to maintaining a productive environment in office. Read the article and explore workplace safety tips.

Workplace Safety Tips

Accidents in the workplace are a common occurrence, which should be avoided as much as possible. If you want to make your workplace employee friendly and productive, you should take special care of its safety. Apart from cleanliness, use of materials in the correct way and alertness during emergencies will help you and your employees a great deal in escaping from hazardous situations, such as fire, in office. To make your office a better and safe place to work, go through the safety tips given in the following lines. 
Workplace Safety Tips 
  • The first step towards making your office a safe place is to keep it spick and span. Piles of paper, stacks of files and tangles of wire may end up in a disaster. So, keep the workplace tidy by ensuring regular dusting and cleaning. A clean work space will help you identify an emergency and handle it without confusion. Moreover, this will provide a productive environment for the employees.  
  • Apart from extinguishers, install fire alarms at your workplace. Organize fire drills with your employees. This will help them know how to escape from fire accidents and where to go in case of such an emergency. For maximum safety, install fire-proof furniture in your office.
  • Ensure that all the machines are installed properly and are in good working condition. Look for any repairs in case of machines and fix the problems as early as possible. In order to prevent electric shocks, make sure that wiring is done correctly and switchboards are earthed properly.
  • Do not forget to include an escape route in the plan of your office, so that your employees are able to make a fast exit in the event of fire or any other emergency.
  • Make sure that all the doors and windows at your workplace have safety locks. There might be chances of burglary, if your office deals with cash on a daily basis. Installing burglar alarm and security cameras is also advisable.
  • Keep ladder or a step stool handy, if you want to retrieve anything that is kept above shoulder-level. Make sure that the ladder/stool doesn’t have broken legs. Chairs or boxes should be never used as substitutes for ladders.
  • Electric equipments should be taken great care of. Make sure that there are no loose or broken electric wires or worn electrical plugs.
  • A number of flammable materials, such as cleaning solvents, are used in the work place. Nobody should smoke while using such items because if they are exposed to the high temperature of burning cigarette, it might result in an explosion.
  • Paper cutters are hazardous pieces of equipments used in workplace. They should be stored properly, with the blade fully drawn down and fastened tightly. Sharp objects like razor blade should be stored in closed containers.
  • Wastebaskets should be emptied frequently because lit cigarettes or burning matches are often thrown in them.

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