A large number of people today can be found looking out for tips on handling romance in the workplace. If you are one of them, read this article and know how to handle an office romance.

How To Handle An Office Romance

The unexpected has happened; you have become attracted to a co-worker and you don't know what to do. You want to stay near him/her all the time and would love to take the friendship or acquaintance to the next level. However, before you take the next step, it is advisable to sit back and think the whole thing through. Here, you are considering the possibility of an office romance and it is advisable to make sure that you will be able to handle it well, without adversely affecting your relation as well as your job. In case you need any help, go through the tips given below and know how to handle an office romance.
Tips For Handling Romance In The Workplace
Check Company Policies
The first thing that you need to do is check out the policy of your company, in relation to personal relationship. While some of the companies forbid it outrightly, others are less rigid in this regard. As soon as you find yourself attracted to a person working in your office, it is necessary to ensure that you will not be violating the policies, by going ahead with the attraction. For the purpose, you can check out the employee handbook or other policy documentation closely. 
Be Aware Of The Consequences
Before you start dating someone from your own office, it is better to consider the ramifications of the ensuing affair. After the company policies, you need to mull over the effects it will have on your job as well as work. In case it is your immediate senior that you will be dating, get ready to be taunted over things like nepotism and doing personal favors to move ahead in your career, and so on. If it's your colleague, keep in mind the professional rivalry that might occur.
Be Cautious
It is always advisable to tread with caution. Even though a person spends as much as 8-9 hours of his day in the office, you get to see him/her or speak to him/her for a few minutes only, which is not enough to develop an understanding. You need to spend some time with that person, though not in office. Go out for lunch, though in a group; participate in company-sponsored events; and find other ways to get to know him/her before committing yourself fully.
Keep The Romance Private
As far as possible, at least in the initial days, keep your romance completely private. Don’t confide in even your 'bestest' friend in office. Office gossip has a way of circulating in the office and you would not want to be the subject of the same, isn't it! Don't talk on the phone for long and no lingering discussions in the cafeteria please. Apart from keeping you out of rumors, it will also help you avoid any embarrassment, in case the affair doesn't turn out well.
Act Professionally & Keep The Emails Clean
Remember, you have come to the office to work and not engage in romantic activities. So, make sure that you maintain your professional decorum. Strictly refrain from public displays of affection, like holding hands or always sitting together when you are in a group. At the same time, keep your conversation clean, be it over the work phone or email. This is because, in majority of the companies, the boss is always peeping into your conversation.

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