If you want to have a happy married life, it is necessary to find ways to keep the romance alive. Here, you can get a lot of tips on how to keep the romance in your marriage.

How To Keep The Romance In Your Marriage

Relationships like marriage, which are meant to last your lifetime, need a healthy dose of attention and affection, to retain the same flavor throughout. You need to constantly add spice, delight and fun, in order to keep the romance alive and kicking in wedlock. With divorce cases on the rise, the pertinent question now is how to keep the romance in your marriage. People are becoming more and more concerned about the ways to keep the spark burning at all times. Let us explore some of the points that can provide an answer to the query of how to keep the romance in your marriage afresh.
Ways To Keep Romance Alive In A Marriage 
  • Find time for each other. It is very important to keep alive the flame that was omnipresent in the initial days after your marriage. You may be busy with your career, studies or children, but that should not deter you from spending some time in the company of each other.
  • Surprise your spouse by small and unexpected gifts, like flowers, cards and letters, which convey your feelings and. Items like jewelry, clothes, candy or a special home-cooked meal make up the gifts that never lose their charm.
  • Apart from going on trips as a family, take vacations just with each other as well, more so if you have children. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life as you did before your marriage. Make surprise visits to weekend getaways, where you can simply relax and spend some time with each other.
  • Find time to be silly and carefree, just like you were in the early stages of your relationship. Cook together, dab flour at each other or play silly games. However foolish all this seems to be, it will surely help you in keeping your love for each other alive.
  • Whenever you find a few minutes to spare, take a walk together, going hand in hand. Enjoy nature in all its glory and talk about small nothings.
  • Spend some time listening to music and dancing. The physical closeness will greatly add to your intimacy and emotional bond as well.
  • Have heart-to-heart talks on a regular basis. Share each other’s hopes, dreams, beliefs and ideas. It will help you in knowing your partner better and you will also feel closer to him/her.
  • During weekends, stay awake late or the entire night, together and have a chat. You can even watch some movies of your choice.
  • Give compliments to each other. Let your partner know how important and special he/she is in your life. Compliment him/her when he/she dresses up for a party. Take the opportunity to tell your friends, in front of your partner, how lucky you are, to have a spouse like him/ her.
  • Don’t forget to say ‘I love you’ to your spouse. However, make sure that it does not turn out to be a casual comment, made out of habit. Say this while looking deep into his/ her eyes, with full sincerity.
  • Having an active social life is good, but don’t do everything as a part of the group. Learn to say ‘no’ to going out with friends, when you feel like spending time with your spouse only.
  • Pay interest when your spouse talks about his/her likes or something he/she would like to have. Later, surprise him/her by gifting the same, with or without occasion. This will help your partner see how much you love him/her.
  • Celebrate every occasion you can think of, with gusto. It can be your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your first date, your birthdays and all other small, yet important events of your life. While the celebration can be big or small, the enthusiasm should remain high.

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