Here are some tell-tale signs to know whether your boyfriend is cheating on you.

How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

When you start a relationship with someone, you promise to keep it forever. Except for one night stand and a casual fling, all the relationship starts with the forever mark on them and relationship with a boyfriend is not an exception. How easy the world would be if everyone kept their word and the “infidelity” word never have entered the dictionary. But the world is not perfect and people do cheat on each other. So, how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you? Here are some tell-tale signs professing your relationship is on the rocks and you should opt out of it before it ripped you apart.

Signs He’s Cheating On You

Change Of Normal Routine/Schedule
A classic tell-tale sign! If he’s changing his schedule without apparent reasons then maybe he’s trying to fix time with somebody behind your back. If you live together then coming home late, going on trips more frequently, spending more time at work station, eating out with clients, etc should warn you that something is possibly wrong. But you shouldn’t jump on him with only this excuse as he probably may be really busy with his work. However if he has never taken his work seriously and you don’t find any reason why he should now devote his time to office without workload, you have every reason to be suspicious.

Mysterious Phone Calls
When his phone is always busy when he is at work and he makes excuses about it, then probably there is something fishy. If he had few friends earlier and did never receive many calls, then you should get warned. Flooded phone calls, talking in mysteriously low voice, etc are all bad omens for you. Moreover so when he doesn’t allow you to touch his phone and never talks in front of you. If he has started doing it then take suitable steps to know whether there is someone else in his life.

Doesn’t Spend Time With You
When earlier all his free time were devoted to you, now he meets you in weeks and even then is always in a hurry, then equip yourself for action  as there is something quite not right. Although when a relationship gets a little old, people start taking each other for granted but when he stop caring about you and your relationship descents towards formality, then you have all the reasons to be doubtful.

Start Taking Care Of His Appearance
If he always takes care of himself then its fine but if earlier he never even shaved without your probing and now always is in a tip-top position, then get suspicious. Buying new clothes, new hair-gels, spending time in spa when he doesn’t spend time with you is always a sign of his being involved with someone else.

Emotional Distance
When he starts to distance him from you when earlier you used to be inseparable then probably he is distancing himself forever from you. However it may not be always a good sign as he may be in some kind of stress and want to spend time alone. Although if the behavior persists over a long period of time and he stop laughing or listening to you at all, then something is wrong. Also note it when he is there with you but his mind is somewhere else. When all the above signs match, then it is the time for confrontation.

What does your instinct tell you? A girl’s instinct rarely fails her. So listen to it and then decide. Although before confrontation, get some evidence as he may lie to you about his new-found relationship. Also, sometimes you can find all the above points ringing true and he may not be cheating. If you really listen to your instinct you would know whether it is a passing thing or something is fishy. Whatever it is, be strong and face the reality. If he is cheating on you get the hell out of that relationship howsoever long it may be.

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