If your intuition says that your girlfriend is cheating on you, and you don’t know how to find it out, read this article to find out how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

You truly love your girlfriend and probably she loves you too. But there could be someone whom she loves more than you. Yes, this is the true yet hard fact of love life. Her late nights at the office and switched off cell phone could be enough reason to strike your suspicion chords. However, you need something substantial to tell if your girlfriend is actually cheating on you. Read further to know some important signs of cheating, usually displayed by girls. At first, it’s important to know the difference between how women and men treat disloyalty.
By and large, men are known to bamboozle for sexual pleasure only. However, this could be just a part of why some women cheat, the reckoning could be complex. Usually, women deceive for a variety of reasons, majority of them cheat to fill a void that they are not receiving in their current relationships. Probably she wants a guy who is a better listener or somebody who likes the same hobby. The difference in reckoning behind the disloyalty means the girl will demonstrate different signs of cheating that a man would.
The foremost sign that your girlfriend is cheating is, her nix desire for your attention. As she is having her that need met somewhere else, she will not trail you to fill this need any more. Say, if your girlfriend is an ardent art lover she may want you to accompany her to an art show. It is significant to her that you respect her interests, if this is an important part of her personality. And if you say ‘no’ to attend any such shows with her, she might find someone who will fill this need.
This ‘someone’ could be a friend, however if there is an attraction and this ‘someone’ is eager to fill this void, she may decide to cheat. This is just one paradigm, but it can be applied to a variety of situations. The point to consider is, if there’s something that means a lot to her and she persistently asks you to do and then one day she stops asking all at once, it may not be for the reason that she’s quit. There is a good possibility that someone else is fulfilling the need.
A further sign to know that your girlfriend is cheating is when she starts telling you less about herand focuses entirely on you. Women, characteristically, enjoy talking about various things. They enjoy talking about earlier days of the relationship and also enjoy sharing many niceties about their lives with you. If they have something to hide, it becomes difficult for them to share details about their day without lying about what has occurred. If your girl has stopped sharing things, start asking about her day. If she seems hesitant to share, or gives a one-sentence reply and changes the topic, it could be a sign of disloyalty.
Women like to love and be loved. Most of them enjoy holding hand, kissing and cuddling. However if they are cheating, this attitude will change. They get very emotional about disloyalty. A majority of the women will ponder over the circumstances for most of their day, which resultantly triggers many feelings of guilt. Whenever she now has to be intimate with you on any level, it will bring to her mind disloyalty and make her to feel very uncomfortable. If your girlfriend is continuously avoiding your affection, this is a strong sign that she is cheating.
One more sign of her swindling could be her more attention towards her physical appearance. In case your girlfriend already pays attention to appearance, this may not work for you at all.But if she used to, usually, move out of the house in sweats and little makeup and now she has started putting on a nice outfit, makeup and fixing her hair for simply even going to a grocery store, it may be due grounds for concern. Moreover, if she is suddenly focusing on a diet & exercise regimen and makes no reference of what ignited her motivation, this can be a sign of disloyalty.
Discretely, these signs might be nothing more than a minute change in her behavior. However if your instinct says she’s cheating and she demonstrates two or more of these signs, there’s a possibility of your intuition to be correct. Besides these things, you can make mental notes of weird cell phone calls, too much time on the computer (perhaps e-mailing or chatting with someone) and check out her expressions, casually, when she’s out running odd jobs.  

Certainly, the best way to know if your girlfriend has cheated is to confront her personally. Possibly, she will lie or become affronted, but if enough evidence has accumulated, this should be a risk you are ready to take. Decide beforehand whether you want to work out the relationship or you want to end things, just to come upon a solution. If you decide things to work out, make her promise to end the affair instantly. You can attend some counseling to build back the confidence. Start a healthy relation, fulfilling each other’s desires, more willingly than looking somewhere else.

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