To determine whether you are seductive or not, take the following test. To know how seductive you are, read on.

Are You Seductive

Seduction is an art that is usually associated with attracting the opposite sex. Though it is not always sexual, it does help you to get that dose of attention you seek from the members of opposite sex. Moreover, you can say that it is not handed over at birth, rather is made up with your own efforts. All you need is right attitude, perfect body language, confidence and a charming persona to achieve that seductress look. Catching eyeballs is not difficult, but it is important to understand that the vibes you send across should not send wrong signals. For this, you should know how seductive you are and accordingly control your gestures. To know if you are really seductive, take the simple test given below.
How Seductive Are You?
Given below are certain questions, which can help you to determine your seductive capabilities. If your answer to all the following questions is ‘yes’, then you surely are seductive. However, if the majority of them are ‘yes’, then you are steady on the path of becoming one soon. 
  • Do men drool over you when you look at them or pass by them?
  • When you notice someone in the crowd, do you stare at the other person to get attention?
  • Is it usually easy for you to get things done by people or are people generally generous towards you?
  • Have you been to a music concert and made an eye contact with guys?
  • Do people compliment you on your eyes, saying that they are quite hypnotic, piercing, intense, deep, etc?
  • Has anyone ever told you on the telephone that your voice is very sexy?
  • Are you always ready to meet anyone, especially someone you like, without worrying about your clothes?
  • Do you love dancing and are able to catch the attention of others around?
  • Do people stop doing their work or become quiet, when you speak?
  • Do people near you tend to look at you a lot, no matter what are you doing?
  • Do people often catch you looking at them or do you find a lot of people staring at you when you look around?

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