If you want to turn down a guy and don’t know how to do it, read this article to know how to refuse a guy politely.

How To Turn A Guy Down

True love is actually a blessing. But what if, when a guy loves you and you’re by no means interested in him. Yeah, this love could become a headache for the girl. The situation could be that the guy remain persistent and doesn’t understand your ‘no’. In case it’s a guy you don’t know, turning him down is much easier than if he’s your friend or someone whom you know. It is possible that you have to get stubborn to convey your point. Sometimes, you even have to become mean to get your point across. Read further to know how to turn down a guy, in each case, politely.
For Guys You Don’t Know 
  • If you’re on a road or in a social setting and he is chasing you, keep walking if you can. In case he compliments you just to make you stop, simply say “thank you” and proceed towards your destination. If he asks you to stop, simply say you can’t as you’ve got to be somewhere. And yes, don’t look back or stop because such actions can make him feel otherwise.
  • Let your body language speak for your thought. If he tries to stop you or you’re not in a position to move, stand with your shoulders turned away from him. Let your body language imply that you’ve got somewhere else to be. If he asks you your number or a date, you can speak “I’m actually sorry, but I’m not interested.” As soon as you get the chance, walk away. If he follows you, keep telling him that you’re really sorry but you’re not interested. Find a crowd to get lost in or change your route.
  • Locate your friends, especially if a guy has to pick you up in a social setting; it’s a safe way to move out. Turn him down, find your friends and let him understand that you’re really not interested in him. If he’s still following you, your friends can help him to get the hint.
  • Keep saying him no if everything else doesn’t work out. Don’t give up. He might get sad, or ask you why you have to be so cruel. But these are things to get your empathy and attention. If he’s such determined and doesn’t get “no,” he may get angry with you when you don’t agree. He might even offend you once he identifies he can’t get his way. Don’t feel bad, in fact he has just confirmed that you were right to turn him down. 
For Guys You Know 
  • Be careful. If you’re around the guy frequently, don’t flash him any skin. Since he’s already attracted to you, don’t offer him anything more to dream about.
  • Maintain your personal space and don’t let him come close to you. If he has a habit of standing on top of you, bend backward a bit.
  • Avoid giving him “caring taps.” If you know he loves you, don’t give him pats on the shoulder or the back. You might be like this way with everyone, but this guy can take this in a wrong way. Treat him just like a friend.
  • Say to him that you like him as a good friend, but there is nothing beyond that. You have to reassure him that this phase won’t change your relationship. Tell him that you like him as your friend and will always do in the same way. Probably things may get awkward for sometime, but keep telling him that you value your platonic relationship with him.

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