Writing a thank you note does not require much time. Given below are some tips on how to write a good thank you note.

How To Write A Thank You Note

Writing a thank you note is one of the most courteous ways to thank someone for his or her efforts. It is a way of showing that you are grateful and sincerely appreciate what the other person has done for you. It is often said that the best way to show your appreciation is by penning down your thoughts into words. Many a times, we are unable to express ourselves through speech. In such cases, a pen and paper can come to our rescue. Thank you notes can be written very easily and do not require much time, resources, or efforts. Fill your thank you note with appreciation, sincerity and meaning, to make someone feel good for his deeds. A thank you note can be sent to anybody and on any occasion, as it just a means of showing your gratitude towards the other person. Given below are some useful tips to quench your curiosity on how to write a thank you note. Go through them and help yourself!
Writing Good Thank You Notes 
  • Before writing a note, make sure you have the required stationery available. For instance, you will need a fresh sheet of paper and a smooth pen.
  • Thank-you notes are generally written in cursive writing, headed by date. 
  • The note usually begins with a salutation: ‘Dear’ followed by the name of the person you are addressing the note to and then a comma.
  • Right after the salutation, express your gratitude. Pour in your thoughts; thank the person for the gift, favor, entertainment or any other thing you have to. Remember, the more sincere you are in your thoughts, the better you will be able to communicate your feelings to the other person.
  • The next step is to discuss the usage or appropriateness of the gift or favor. Make it sound genuine, rather than flattery. Do not forget to mention or reiterate how kind or thoughtful the other person is.
  • You can even associate the appropriateness of the gift to the genuineness of the person who gave it to you. Here, you can even include your feelings for the concerned person.
  • Though not mandatory, you can even add a line about your personal life in the end.
  • Once again say thanks to the person, you are sending the note to.
  • Lastly, give regards and sign the letter or just write your name. For instance, you can write "With thanks, Billy" or ‘Love, Leslie.’ 
  • It will be all the more better if you personalize your ‘thank-you’ letter by sending pictures of you, along with your family, to the other person. Also, it is better to jot down the words in a plain piece of paper, instead of using the colorful and bright paper pads. This will provide you with ample space to express yourself.
  • Send your ‘thank-you’ note to the person promptly and as soon as possible. The other person will be definitely thrilled to receive such a quick reply.

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