Getting a boy to notice you is not a difficult task, if you follow some basic tips. Check out how to get/make a guy to notice you.

How To Get A Guy To Notice You

If you have got your eyes locked on a guy you saw at the party last night and need some advice, here we are. Getting a guy to notice you can, at times, send shivers up your spine, but if you are determined to make things click, the task shouldn’t be that difficult. It just requires will, determination and some basic social skills, which can win the heart of the prince charming you have been eyeing for long. Some guys are quite shy and do not know how to approach a girl and if your target falls in the same category, you might have to work a little harder. But it should not be difficult for you. You are a woman, you are born with natural charisma and feminine allure. Mr. Perfect will not be able to keep his hands off you once you know how to push the right buttons. From the moment you make up your mind that you want him, consider him yours because for the rest, we are here. We will teach you how to sweep him off his feet and give you the attention you crave. Read on to know how to make a guy notice you.
How to Get a Guy to Notice You
Be The Special You: Being yourself is the first and foremost thing you should do. Don’t try to do anything that you normally would do not, just to get his attention. You must come across as a chilled out and relaxed person. Nobody wants to hang out with a paranoid one and trust us if you will try hard at this ‘notice me’ thing then you will seem like a weirdo because you will be conscious and jittery all the time around him. We do not want that; we want you to act yourself and relax, in fact notch it up a bit and bring out your inner diva. Put her in front of him and let her do the talking!
Makeover To Make Him Hover Around You: Get yourself a new look, which enhances your personality. This will pep-up your confidence also, making you feel nice about your own self. Whenever one goes through a makeover it is like a rejoiceful rejuvenation of the personality. It will make you fall in love with yourself and the feeling will be transferred to your love interest. The sexy self-assurance and delectable looks will be unbearably tempting for him.
Smile And He Is Yours: A sweet smile and eye contact is the first magnet you can throw to pull him towards you. It is a polite way to let someone know that you are interested in him and would want to know him better. Start with smiling at him every time you cross paths with him. Then start by saying hello; whenever you get a chance strike up a brief conversation. Crack a joke or say something interesting to ignite his interest in you.
Flirt It Up A Bit: Flirting is the next step that will draw his attention towards you. However, be very careful not to go overboard, as it might send a wrong signal. Keep it light and jolly; by that we mean that this is not the stage to sexually flirt with our man, just the friendly kind. Tease him in a friendly way; it will provoke him to give you a reaction. You will notice that once he starts to enjoy it then he will be the one initiating it.
Keep Meeting: Try and meet him often at different places. Start with movies or parties, gauging whether he is interested or not. Make sure not to act as a bug. Keep it cool. Initially do not make it about you and him, ask other friends to join in and offer him to bring in his people if he like. Make it seem like it is a friendly gathering. But try and spend some time with him alone even during these meetings. Even if it is brief, it will give a nudge to the things between you two.
Know Him To Woo Him: Get to know him better by talking about the things in common between you two. Listen to him patiently, without interrupting. However, you can try complimenting him in between. Try to be a friend. It is also a good thing for you as knowing him better would not only mean that you will come close to him, it will give you an idea as well as to what kind of a person he is. You will know better whether you would like to take things further with him or not. In the process of trying to know him better, do reveal a few typical things about yourself as well. Try to gather his reaction to these things and you can assess whether or not you two will be fit for each other.

Assertiveness Is Sexy: Be assertive and don’t hold back too much. Nevertheless, the trick here is not to be bossy, but tactful. Do not come across as a push over. You have a wonderful personality of your own, flaunt it. He should also get to know that you are your own person. Men get attracted to power and when they will see the power you hold on yourself, it will mystify them.

Let Him Know He Is Special:
Do things to make him feel special. Tell him indirectly that you are interested and want to know him better. Shower him with compliments and get him little thoughtful gifts. Do not go out of your way to do these things because you might end up coming across as a desperate person; just do whatever seems appropriate.

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