Making friends is not always easy if you are shy and not-so-outgoing person. Find some tips that can help you with meeting new people and making friends with them.

How Do You Make Friends

Without social interaction no one can achieve happiness; it is important for an emotionally healthy life to have strong and long-term relationships. To have friends and people that you can share your life with is the key to a fulfilled life. A sense of community makes us feel sane and gives us clarity on life and its motives. All of us needs companionship, we thrive on it; not having someone to share all the little details of our lives can make us depressed. It is scientifically proven that being surrounded by friends and having an active social life leads to longetivity of life and increased immunity. These are quite obvious benefits of having friends since when we have lots of friends then we share a lot and laugh a lot, which then leads to the increase in happy hormones in the body and we get to live a healthy life. Everyone enjoys solitude once in a while but it starts to feel like a punishment when it is faced everyday. To spend time with our thoughts is an important aspect of maturity but sharing is an equally important feature of a well endowed life. You cannot be friends with every one; you need to have something in common with a person to be able to turn into your acquaintanceship into friendship. Maybe a common sense of humor or a shared interest, there has to be something to click between two people to be able to form an intimate bond of friendship. Once you form this relationship then there is no looking back, you can be assured that you have someone who will be there for you and look out for you. It is important to choose friends carefully because of the exclusive intervention of these friends in our lives, our lives gets influenced, on a larger scale, with their opinions and thinking. It is not difficult to make friends but if you are the introvert kind then we are here to help you. Read through this article and you will find wonderful tips on how to make friends. For who knows, maybe these friends will stick for a lifetime!
How To Make New Friends
Like Yourself: Before you expect someone to like you and form a friendship with you, appreciate yourself. Remind yourself why you are unique and why people should like you. This will build up your confidence and you will approach everyone with a positive attitude. This positive attitude will help you to fetch friends for yourself.
Be Visible: First of all, you have to come out of your shell so that people begin noticing you. Start spending time with people around you, preferably, people who share some common interests with you. Although it does not require having things in common to be good friends; it certainly helps in planning activities together, giving you ample time to know each other.
Initiate Talks: Once you have identified what you want, go by it. Strike a conversation with people you have been completely aloof to. The sudden change in your attitude might surprise them, but it wouldn’t be for bad. Don't wait for other to initiate things. While you talk to them, smile as much as you can without showing an artificial approach.
Show Enthusiasm: Be happy to see people. Do not greet people with a grumpy face. This will set across a wrong image of you. If you want someone to be your friend then make sure that you make him/her feel like you are always excited to see him/her and that there is never a dull moment between you two.
Be A Good Listener: Listening to people carefully will give them a sense of importance and help in establishing a kinship with them. Be genuinely interested and learn to listen patiently. A person constantly interrupting the flow of conversation is not liked in the groups. Share your interests, secrets, passions and dreams and encourage them to do so in order to show that you care.
Do Not Over Share: Share your views, opinions and details of your life with your new acquaintance and potential friend but do not over share. Do not bombard him/her with a lot of information about you. If you will over share then you will come across as a needy person which might not be a very attractive quality to like.
Be Trustworthy: The best thing you can do as a friend is to become trustworthy. Having a friend is about having someone whom you can talk to and share your deepest secrets with. The key to become a good friend is the ability to keep secrets and refrain from gossiping. You need to build trust to make them comfortable enough to open their heart to you.
Be A Good Friend:  A relationship only based upon needs dies soon. Once you have chosen your friend, be compassionate, sympathetic and caring towards them, instead of becoming one of those who are happy to be around you when everything is going well. Refrain from selfish attitude and offer your help in need even if it takes you some pain.
Choose Wisely: If people around you are not good friends for whatever reasons, this is not the end of the road. Look for people who can prove to be good friends. In the process, learn to identify people who can clutter your life with their obsessive and over possessive behavior. Relish friendship with people who bring up positive influence in your life and try to reciprocate the same.

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