A speaker requires good communication skills, apart from the choice of correct words, in order to be articulate. Explore the tips given in the article and learn how to be articulate.

How To Be Articulate

Public speaking is a skill that only a few are adept at. Conveying the thoughts in the most convincing way, that too in front of a huge audience, requires a lot of practice. When it comes to articulation, the speaker should know his/her audience very well and should be able to project his/her image as a fully educated person. An articulate needs good speaking habits and the choice of correct words, to project his/her image as a learned person. Check out the tips given below and learn how to be an articulate speaker.
How To Become Articulate Speaker 
  • The first thing to have is the thorough knowledge about the subject you are dealing with. Choose topics in which you are able to put across your opinions and thoughts to others.
  • Pause and stress are highly needed to make your sentences quite loud and clear for the listeners. Try to avoid verbal pauses between the words, as it disturbs the flow of the sentence. Do not pause your sentences with 'a', 'like' etc. Instead, make use of non-verbal pause. This indicates that you have good control over what is being said.
  • Think twice before you speak. A wrong word uttered may send false signal about your articulation. Avoid using the words that do not fit into the context of your topic. To create a good impression on the listeners, you should take care of what you say.
  • One of the important attributes of an articulate speaker is his/her vocabulary. Add new words to your vocabulary. Consult a thesaurus or dictionary to find out the synonyms of the frequently used words. By doing this, you will be able to use a variety of words, which will in turn create interest in the people listening to you. Fresh new words will add color to your speech, making it even more comprehensive.
  • Avoid using slang and contractions. Your speech should consist of the right choice of 'real words'. For instance, instead of a simple "hi", greet the people with "hello". Replace "yeah" with "yes".
  • For being articulate, it is very important to follow correct grammar. You should be clear about the use of nouns, verbs, pronouns etc. Using incorrect grammar will show that you lack good command over the language.
  • You should not go on and on with your speech, as people might quit listening the moment they find it long and boring. Prepare the speech in a very concise manner, without going vague.
  • There is a huge difference between being articulate and sounding to be one. Use of big words will show you as a learned person. However, use of words that everyone understands will project you as an articulate speaker.

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