Making people listen to you is a tedious job but can be made easy with the help of following tips.

How To Make People Listen To You

How to make people listen to you is a million dollar question in our society, where everyone just wants to speak and not listen. Everyone here thinks that he or she can speak better and sometimes even they speak altogether to make matters worse. To be a good speaker you have to be first a good listener. If you think, you possess the quality of a good listening. Then this article is for you. If you wonder how some people have so much influence over others that makes people listen to them and you want to be like them, you are at the right place. Read on to acquire the quality of a good speaker to whom people listen.
Speak With Authority
When you want someone to listen to you, you will have to make sure that you know your subject well. Be authoritative on whatever you are speaking on. A little knowledge and beating around the bush will not attract listeners. Prepare yourself for your subjects, be aware of the current situation, and be a voracious reader. You can even get much knowledge just by keenly watching everything around you. Articulate powerfully and clearly and modulate your sound according to your speech. Don’t shout or scream but be audible and confidence.
Watch Your Body Language
Shaky hands, tense eyes, frown, and parted legs are all the gestures, which give poor impression of a speaker and divert the audience much before you start speaking. Acquire proper body language like alert body, smiling eyes, and confidence and you are bound to attract audience. Have eye contacts with as many people you can and look pleasant.
Be Interesting
Most of us are very impatient and if you are not able to attract the audience in few minutes from the start, you may lose them altogether. Therefore, be interesting and discuss it too. Add in some jokes and ask questions and you will surely attract people’s attention.
Tell A Story
When you tell a story preferably, a personal one, then you make your audience a part of you after sharing your narrative and that interest them. Then they don’t remain audiences but become participants. Also, make sure that you listen to people if you think they have some valid points. Most of the people just want others to listen to them but are themselves not ready to do so. That is why it’s important to be a good listener to be a good speaker.
Dress Appropriately
“Clothes maketh a man” and it’s true in any society. So always, wear powerful clothes according to your society and your audience. If it’s a casual discussion then wearing a power suit will only make you the odder one. So, dress according to the event and let your clothes reflect your sincerity.
Know Your Audience
Before speaking, it is very essential to know your audience. If you are speaking in a boardroom and people are interested in numbers, then stating statistics will pull you through. However, for a casual discussion you need not present charts. Make a point and support it with examples. Don’t beat around the bush as it’s an audience repellent.
You may be a good listener but being an active listener is very important. What is the use if you don’t get anything from all that listening? So, wherever you go try to imbibe some of the good qualities of a speaker. Learn from the greatest speakers of the world, from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and from Steeve Jobs to Barack Obama.

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