Who said only you have to get annoyed with someone? There are umpteen ways for annoying people. Learn how to annoy people and get back at them in their own game.

How To Annoy People

“This is New York and there is no law against being annoying!” said William Kunstler. So true! There is no law all around the world against being annoying! And thank god for that. For rest assured, at least once in our lifetime, we have all had our share of annoying incidences. Hearing someone chew gum noisily is annoying, but that of the younger brother changing the TV channel every 2 seconds wins hands down in any annoying Olympics. And what can be said about people simply disagreeing to every statement of yours without even listening? All this can be utterly annoying. But, you don’t have to grin and bear it. Beat them at their own game. The art of annoying someone on purpose is obviously more fun than doing it unconsciously. It doesn’t take too much to annoy someone who annoys you or do it to someone just for fun. It is as easy as copying any action of someone. When it begins, the person you are imitating would not realize and as it progress, it gets more and more irritating. Follow a few of the following suggestions and see the other person get as annoyed while you have the last laugh.
How To Make People Angry
  • Tell someone a long joke and forget the punch-line, but assure him/her that it was a good one.
  • Type only in UPPERCASE while you are talking or chatting to someone on the net.
  • Go to a café where they have a jukebox and request a song fifty times.
  • Stand over someone’s shoulder and keep muttering under your breath as he/she reads.
  • Repeat everything someone says and turn it back at him/her, by asking the statements as questions.
  • Keep humming the Mission Impossible theme song till it gets stuck in someone else’s head.
  • Say a few dialogues in a robotic voice and keep it going till the other person is fully annoyed.
  • When someone is listening to a song, run around the room and pretend like you are playing air guitar.
  • Sign someone up on a junk mail list.
  • Step on the person’s shoes in front of you every time he/she moves.
  • Call up your friends and pretend you are a salesperson and try to sell them something. If they hang up, repeat the exercise.
  • While driving in your car, honk and wave to strangers.
  • Buy a candy from the local store and pay by cheque.
  • Drive with your headlights on high beam just to see how many people give you dirty looks.
  • Bite your nails constantly and suddenly spit them on your friends.
  • Speak so softly that people would have to ask you twice, before understanding what you say.
  • Set alarms on your friend’s phone for random times in the night.
  • While being seated in a flight, ask the air hostess for a seat for your imaginary friend. Don’t let go until she decides to throw you off the plane.
  • Be happy about everything.
  • Ask people to prove any statement they make. For example, if someone says- My name is John, you say- Prove it.
  • Mow your lawn with a scissors when your neighbours are looking.
  • Ask people to refer to you as ‘Your Majesty’.
  • Laugh loudly every time someone finishes a sentence.
  • Make car noises while walking on the road.
  • Press all the buttons while standing in an elevator and then get off at the first floor.
  • Slurp up your soup at the dinner table.

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