While many would believe that attractiveness, money and talent is the key to happiness, empirical research proves otherwise. This article reveals what exactly makes people happy in brief.

What Makes People Happy

The popular Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza once rightly said “What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness”. This undoubtedly holds true for almost every sane being on planet earth, but the question that vexes most of us is what the secret ingredient to attaining happiness is. Anybody who has endured a good deal of life’s offerings knows that happiness doesn’t come easy. Just like how the top floor of a building cannot exist without the ground floor, happiness would be meaningless without sadness. It takes a tiring flight of stairs to arrive at the top and bask in the overwhelming beauty of the terrace view. Nonetheless, different things sprout showers of happiness for different people. Some find bliss in strumming soothing guitar chords, while some feel satiated by indulging in chocolate boundaries. However, there is a fine line between what triggers happiness and what does not. Several misconceptions about what causes happiness throws us off guard and our emotions ricochet in the opposite direction. The equation is simple. We can’t always dodge the blues, but we can certainly turn to our most trusted sources of glee and drown our sorrows.

Things That Make People Happy

Family And Friends
Had a lousy day at school? Ask our much-loved mother to fix you a cup of hot chocolate. Are you about to burst open with frustration elicited by work overload? Perhaps, your chirpy daddy will cheer you up, drop a few motivating lines and top it off with a joke that hauls you straight out of your misery. Yes, a family is pivotal in sedating our grievances but they’re even better at arousing sentiments of glee for no concrete reason. The same applies to friends! They know you inside out and hence hold the key to unlocking your triggers of happiness. The emotional support they give you is truly priceless! We all need somebody to lean on! And that somebody can definitely be a family member or a very close buddy.

Freedom is god’s gift to humanity. When we are robbed of freedom, the happiness within us simultaneously withers away. Don’t you see how happy the birds look as they flutter to and fro? Be it the strong urge to express ourselves creatively or making our own personal choices, personal freedom is important. By restricting oneself from giving in to our heart’s yearnings, we are stepping into a world filled with gloom.

As clichéd as the expression - “laughter is the best medicine”, may be, not many would deny the blatant truth in it. Whenever we laugh, fifteen facial muscles contract, the larynx partially shuts resulting in sporadic breathing. This often makes us gasp for air, thus activating tear ducts. Our brains receive electrical nerve impulses that set off chemical reactions chemical reactions which release natural tranquilizers, pain relievers and endorphins. So, now you know why laughing feels so good! Call your pal, hop into a bar and laugh the night away.

Helping the needy always makes one feel good. An act of generosity is guaranteed to leave you with a warm sensation of delight. You will feel chirpy and self-satisfied for quite a while. Making a difference in somebody else's life has a reliable propensity of coming back to you.

Passion For Your Work
It’s not always about the salary. On the contrary, if you nod your head to a job because the monetary gains are high, chances that you in the near future, will be bowing down your head in misery are high too! Not all of us encounter our dream job, but if we try hard enough, we might come close. Search for meaning in whatever you do professionally and before you know it, every morning will be a cheerful challenge!

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