One would say that happy and alone can never fall in the same sentence. Let's find out how to be happy alone.

How To Be Happy Alone

The world’s most popular scientist Albert Einstein once wisely confessed- “I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind” Who wouldn’t want to follow the footstep of the genius that discovered the Theory of Relativity? No doubt, living alone is no sane person’s fantasy. Most of us can barely survive an hour without a cell phone; let alone live a week in solitary confinement. However, a select few would leap out in joy at the mere prospect of solitude while some just have no choice. While some people choose loneliness, others desperately try to fill the void. A Marriage annulment, death of a partner and isolated job transfers are typical case scenarios that exemplify the birth of loneliness. Silence impregnates their surroundings and threatens to slaughter all scope for joy. Of course, the absence of a separate human entity can land a devastating effect on a lonely soul. Not everybody is Einstein. And for those that aren’t, certainly yearn for the warmth of a human being. Nevertheless, it is foolish to think that finding happiness alone is impossible. There are countless remedies to combating loneliness. In fact, by the time you arrive at the bottom of this page you might find yourself whispering- “Every Cloud has a silver lining”. 

Ways To Be Happy Alone 

Get a Hobby
Wonder why Einstein loved his solitude? The only logical justification would the fact that he occupied himself with all those creatively stimulating experiments. So why don’t you drown your entire state of mind into a hobby? Take advantage of your solitude to be productive. Learn an Instrument and form a garage band. Master the art of pottery or photoshop. Fly a kite. Pick a paintbrush and paint the world! The clock will tick its way to the next week and you may not even feel the pinch of loneliness. You will soon encounter your new companion that fails to blabber like a fool. 

Change Is Good
Obama said it and was soon after crowned the president of United States. Accept the change that is your state of aloneness and bask in the novelty of it. Experience the inexperienced as you are now privileged with the liberty whatever your heart desires. No external factors to dissuade you. Explore deep into the confines of your body, mind and soul. Re-discover the real you! You never know where you really belong.

Join A Community
It could be a book club, a social service community, yoga classes or a trekking camp. Absorb yourself in new tasks and get accustomed to news ways of living. Browse the internet or scan the yellow pages and you will stumble upon a group activity that inexorably will grab your attention. Register yourself and get to know more people. Joining a gym would benefit your health, your social life and more importantly, relinquish all thoughts of discontentment. Volunteer your time to those less fortunate than yourself.

Get A Pet
Do you miss the comfort of having your sibling or roommates breathing heavily before you fall into a slumber? Find solace in the warmth and compassion provided a fuzzy little dog, cat or rabbit! Irrespective of the breed or size, even a goldfish encircling a tiny circular bowl vanquishes the gloom triggered by lack of companionship. So, if you can’t cope with loneliness, consider buying or adopting a pet of your choice. You know you will always have somebody to welcome you home!

Be Physically Active
Learn to be happy and comfortable with your solitude. Now you certainly aren’t bound by family or social obligations. Take long silent walks along the beach or jog around the neighborhood.  Exercise in your spare time and release the endorphins that reward you with bouts of ecstasy. Dance or sing to any background music. Allow the music to reverberate within you.

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