Striking up a conversation with a guy can be quite a tough task for women who aren’t used to it. Take the following advice on how to talk to a guy, both on and off the phone, & make it work for you.

How To Talk To A Guy

“Why doesn’t he make the first move? If I make a move, he’d probably think I am just too desperate. He’ll take me for granted. Sob Sob.” That’s a typical girl thing to think of, but come on, it’s the 21st century! A time when women all across the world are yelling for women liberation and equality, you can’t just sit around and hope and wait for the guy to talk to you and make the first move. You’ve waited just long enough and if still the boy doesn’t go beyond just looking at you and smiling, then it is time you took matters in your hand. The idea is to get things moving. And for how long can you wait for the boy, especially when you know he is totally into you, but is just too shy to approach. Reasons may be many - he may be shy, you may be too famous or you may have even rebuffed his previous attempts intentionally or not. But whatever the case, please understand that it is just a harmless conversation and it can’t mean something you don’t want it to. If the guy is sensible, then he’d appreciate the effort, but if the guy is silly, then you can always dump him on his face. No harm done!
How To Strike Up A Conversation With A Guy
Talking In Person
  • Don’t delay. Men get interested in every girl they first see. You need to make a move before someone else does.
  • Approach with a smile. A smile is a contagious thing. He’ll have to respond to that smile, in spite of everything around him.
  • Approach him like a normal human being. Don’t run up to him, blabber something and rush out, freaking the sanity out of him. Starting off with a simple greeting would sound and seem sensible.
  • Don’t forget your breath home when you reach him. Breathe and get your nerves in place and then start talking by asking if he knows someone you know. Simple!
  • Have fun and joke around. Behave like a friend and don’t get overly cautious.
  • Act yourself and laugh at his funny jokes. But be very prudent with that. You don’t want him to brand you a psycho.
  • Please don’t be bitchy and mean. Be nice and friendly. Involve all others nearby in the conversation without making him feel left out.
  • Be slightly evasive and make him chase you. Guys get turned on with challenges. Make sure the challenge is just right. Neither too much nor too less.
Over The Phone
  • Make sure you work out a good enough reason to call him. Don’t bother too much about the plan being fool-proof, because a little bit of hint here and there is good.
  • Don’t just start dialing without thinking. Think about what you are going to talk to him about. The reason may be clear, but the conversation shouldn’t just fizz out after the first couple of minutes. So, make sure you have a few topics worked out in advance.
  • If the call is answered by someone else, please don’t hang up. Be mature and leave your name and number along with a message, if possible.
  • Once he answers the phone, do not start with “whatcha doing?” or some other rather too funky line. Stick with “Hey, what’s up?” It may sound boring, but works all the time at striking up first conversations.
  • Try diverting the conversation to something of mutual interest. Once the conversation flows, you don’t have to fret about it going wrong, unless you hurt him or his ego which is highly unlikely. 

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