The most magnificent way to get to know a person is by having a good conversation. Explore this article to know useful tips on how to have a great conversation with anyone.

How To Have A Great Conversation

The art of conversation has very little to do with talking. It is more concerned about listening as well listing. In other words, conversation is all about understanding what your partner is trying to say and convey to you. It just requires a little knowledge, practice and patience to converse effectively with anyone. Conversations give you an excellent opportunity to learn from the speakers. They often lead to personal stories and anecdotes. These topics often result in limitless conversation and reveal about the character of a person. Following are some tips that could prove beneficial for a good, meaningful and entertaining conversation. Read on and know how to have a great conversation.
Having A Good Conversation
First Impression
As said, first impression is the last impression. Listen well, smile and ask questions that probe answers, more than just a yes or no. Be friendly, speak politely and maintain good eye contact.
Listening to the speaker forms the most significant part of any conversation. Make the right movements and noises to specify that you are listening and very much involved in the conversation.
Other Person’s Interest
Study and research on some significant points about the person with whom you would be conversing, in advance. Do not hesitate to compliment him/her as it can prove to be beneficial in terms of beginning a talk. Compliments can prove to be ice-breakers.
Ask Questions
Prepare some questions in advance. Observe people carefully and put in more questions. Be sure to ask them politely and do not sound like a stalker. Space out your questions well; else, they will feel that you are interrogating them and this can result in closed off relationships.
Forget Yourself
Get yourself interested in people, rather than convincing them to get interested in you. Do not think too much about yourself and what the person might be thinking about you. Simply relax, give your introduction, shake hands and focus on the conversation.
Practice Active Listening Skills
When you listen, make sure that the person also knows that you are listening. For this, you need to build good eye contact and make comments wherever required. You can use phrases like ‘yes’, ‘I see’, ‘that’s interesting’, etc to tell them that you are involved in the conversation and are not diverted.
Ask Clarifying Questions
If you find the topic of the conversation is interesting and appealing, put forward questions to clarify about their thinking and feeling. Take interest in knowing about the person and his/ her hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.
Use Your Words To Paraphrase Back What You Have Heard
Conversation happens in a process wherein each person is given a chance to listen and then speak up or respond. Use significant points from other people’s talk in your speech, to let them know that you had been actually listening. This will help you better your understanding and affirm it.
Judge Your Response Before Disagreeing
Do not disagree on a point merely to set apart yourself. At the same time, do not end up agreeing on everything as well. You find a person interesting only when he/ she is a bit like you and a bit different from you.
Do Not Panic Over Lulls
When a particular topic has taken exit, use the time gap to think over and introduce a new topic or put in a question based on the previous conversation.
Know When The Conversation Is Over
Every conversation has an end to it. Remember to smile while leaving and end on a positive note, to leave a good impression on the other person. Mention that you would be delighted to talk to them over time.

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