Whether it's the first date jitters or rekindling the old flame, romantic conversation starters are the best bet to bring in love & affection. Read on to explore some dating conversation starters.

Romantic Conversation Starters

'Ahem…Ahh.. How are you doing?' This is an example of an ideal conversation starter you likely to witness, when a couple is talking. While first timers have no clue on how to kick start a conversation, those who have known each other for quite some time would agree that the essence of 'romance' has been missing. Starting a conversation can be one of the freakiest tasks at hand and if the conversation starter is expected to be a romantic one, you are definitely taking the biggest challenge. Talking about romantic conversation starters, much is dependent on what you consider romantic.
Ideally, a romantic conversations mostly promise two things - you would put the romantic idea into the mind of your beloved (or to be beloved) and have a lovely date ahead. However, the hardest thing to come up with is a romantic conversation starter during the date. If you are also sailing in the same boat (i.e. do not know how to start a conversation on your date), do not worry as we are here to help you. Given in the following lines are some winning dating conversation starters, which would surely set the stage for love and romance to bubble between the two of you.
Dating Conversation Starters
Magic of Compliments
You may think it to be clichéd and traditional, but complimenting each other is the best way to get started romantically, on a date. We all love to get a compliment and if the person giving it is the one you are romantically inclined towards, the date would surely be one to remember. While guys can compliment their lady love on her looks, attire or mesmerizing eyes, guys love to get complimented for their dressing sense, intellectual capabilities and sense of humor.
If it's your first date with the person, introductions would surely be the key to start the conversation. However, making it humorous would be a good way to induce romance in the first instance itself. Did you know all girls and boys like their partner to be a little humorous? A smile would definitely break the initial hiccups, if any and make both of you comfortable.
Dreams & Desires
Sharing dreams and desires have long been slated as the best conversation starters to get close and intimate. You can ask what his /her biggest desire in life is or even the three wishes he/she would want from a genie. This way, you can break the ice and start off an amusing conversation. Make sure you chip in the romantic side of the answer. For instance, if he/she says that getting a car is biggest desire, you can as well say how about getting a car and then going off for a long drive to a mesmeric location.
Shared Interests
If you know your date for quite some time now, you must surely have an idea of his/her likes and interests. Starting a conversation, while keeping his/her interest in mind, would be a great way to get romantically close. If the person is an adventurer and loves to explore places, you can start off by claiming how romantic it would be to explore all the natural wonders of the world. Believe it or not, he/she just might fall head over heels in love with you, just at the utterance of these words.
Discussing Future
When in a relationship, the most blissful thing to talk about is the future. The ambiguity of the future, when coupled with the hopes and aspirations of the present and the experiences of the past, is sure to make way for a soulful conversation. Start on the conversation by discussing how the two of you visualize your future together. However, take care not to get into a fight over the room color, car type or Sunday plans.

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