Mediation heals a person physically, mentally and spiritually, allowing him/her to lead a healthy, soulful life. Go through the article, to get reasons as to why you should meditate.

Why Should You Meditate

As children, most of us associated meditation with monks and saints, who lived in solitary places, in pursuit of enlightenment. At young age, enlightenment and spiritually seemed to play no role whatsoever in the real life. However, with time, age and responsibility, we all have grown up to understand and realize the true meaning of meditation, thanks to the incessant pressures, stress and never-ending problems. Meditation gives us the opportunity to reflect and think about something that lies deep down inside. It not only brings in mental peace and calmness, but also rejuvenates our mind, body, soul and spirit. There are numerous reason as to why should you meditate. For instance, who knows, while looking for mental peace and harmony, you might just find your true self and identity. If you still want to get more reasons to meditate, this article would come in handy.
Reasons You Should Meditate
Tranquility Strikes
How often do you feel like running away to a silent, secluded place? However, the question is, upon reaching the silent place, do you feel calm and composed? No, right! Have you ever wondered why? The answer is you are seeking for exterior calmness without attaining mental peace.  One of the foremost reasons why you should meditate is that meditation brings inner peace. You start feeling high and on a roll instead of the usual bogged-down syndrome.
Self Awareness
Did you know that our mind never takes a rest? Even while we are sleeping, our mind is continuously at work. Would you like to know what your mind is always thinking about or what you want? To get the picture right, you need to first have clarity in your thoughts. Meditation helps you achieve this. Remember, the more you meditate the more aware you become and the more conscious you get; the better person you become.
Grounded & Calmer
All of you would agree that most of the times we are ruled by our ego. We come across certain situations and events wherein ego rules our behavior. However, by meditating, you become an observer of your own self and the world around you, thus becoming level headed and calmer. Remember, meditation helps you deal with events effectively without having your consciousness lowered.
Rejuvenates & Revitalizes
It is said to become successful in what you do, you need to constantly sharpen your saw – yourself. All of us are made up of energy that flow in our body constantly. However, sometimes we face energy blockage, due to injuries, problems, difficulties, etc. The trick is to meditate and open all the blockage and live life freely. Meditation is known to clear your mind from all the problems, thus rejuvenating and energizing your soul.  
Remedy For Insomnia
Restlessness, anxiety, stress and depression have found space into the life of every individual. The result - lack of sleep! Continuous bombardment of thoughts makes a person victim of insomnia. A few minutes of meditation before going to sleep would be extremely helpful. It would not only reduce the backlog of mental thoughts, but also clear your mind, making you sleep peacefully.  
Connecting Spiritually
Most gurus and saints ask people to meditate. Have you ever wondered why? The heightened consciousness, gained from meditation, enhances the spiritual connection of a person. You start attuning yourself with intuition, rather than the logical mind and ego. Increased intuition capability would make you more insightful and help you in attaining valuable solutions.  
Feeling of Contentment
A peaceful intuitive mind, free from ego, hassles and worries, coupled with calm and relaxed body is the recipe for gaining fulfillment in life. With meditation, the above situation gets attainable. Positive thoughts and beliefs rule your mind and you start experiencing the feeling of satisfaction and contentment in life.   

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