There are umpteen reasons for getting out of an abusive relationship. Go through the article, to know why it is important to get out of abusive relationships and move on in life.

Why To Get Out Of Abusive Relationships

When a person gets into a relationship, all that he/she can think of is happiness and contentment, which it will bring. Not even once do we feel that it turn out to be otherwise also. However, getting into the practical world, you would find many relationships that turn out to be sour in the future. Abusive relationships are a common occurrence these days, with the woman being the victim or sufferer on most occasions. Abusive relationship can be physical in nature, where a partner is being beaten or hit on a regular basis, or be verbal, where a partner is ridiculed through words and statements, or emotional, where insults and emotional blackmail are the norm.
Abusive relationship can be the result of a number of factors. Some of them are extreme jealousy, lack of intimacy, raging temper, lies, broken promises, power plays and control games. Often, an abused person clings on to his partner, believing that whatever is happening is his fault. Abusive relationship is detrimental to the mental and physical health of a person and can destroy his self respect completely. Abused people must realize that their relationship is not the end of life. They deserve much more and to get it, they you need to get out of the abusive relationship and move on. In the following lines, we will tell you why you should get out of an abusive relationship.
Reasons For Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship
Self Respect
In an abusive relationship, the demand for self respect seems to be a totally unpromising claim. When a person ridicules or hurts his partner, be it verbally, physically or emotionally, there ends the scope for the fulfillment of any demand for self respect. An abused person is unlikely to be value by his partner. When you feel your self respect slipping away from your hands, it is the first warning sign that you should move out of the relationship. 
Self Esteem & Confidence
In an abusive relationship, your self esteem and confidence is battered to such an extent that you start doubting yourself only. After being insulted at every step of life, you sense of self worth becomes almost non-existent? Self confidence comes from love and affection received from the people around you. However, if you are always abused, the feeling of being useless or inadequate starts creeping in. Once you start losing self confidence, know for sure that it is the time to get rid of the relationship.
Risk of Isolation
The risk of being isolated from the outside world increases by leaps and bounds, if you are in an abusive relationship. Most of the times, it is the victim who does not want to keep any contact with the outside world. He/she does not have the courage to face people after being abused, be it physically or emotionally or verbally. It might also be possible that the abuser does not want his partner to meet other people, lest he/she confides his/her feelings to someone or they get to know about the abuse meted out to the latter, by chance.
Physical Injuries
The most common kind of abusive relationship is the one that is physical in nature. In such a relationship, the violent attacks of a person affect his partner, not only physically, but also emotionally. The abused person also runs the risk of being brutally treated, even being hit or beaten badly everyday. Sometimes the attacks are so violent that the physical injuries result end up being fatal. Why do you want to be beaten and abused everyday? Move on!!  

The most common effect of an abusive relationship is depression. The abused partner is always in a melancholic mood and fails to find happiness or pleasure in anything. The feeling of joy and glee evaporates completely, leaving him/her feeling sad and miserable all the time. Such a person feels depressed and loses any interest in the outside world. If, at any time, you feel so miserable that you cannot see happiness in anything and feel like ending your life, know that it's the time to get out of the relationship.

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