Backstabbing is a distressing fact of life. Check out some useful tips for handling backstabbers.

How To Handle Backstabbers

They are everywhere! Be it in your workstation or in your friend’s group. They backbite, hurl brick back, berate, defame, and do all these things behind your back. They may seem like your well-wishers but they are the ones, who betray you the moment you turn your back. You probably cannot get around it as they are virtually at your arm’s distance. Actually backstabbing is an unpleasant fact of life and wherever you go, you may have to deal with one or more backstabbers. You cannot sink to their levels. Neither you have inclination to play their game on them. So what can you do to keep yourself from entangling in their mean game? Read on to know how to handle backstabbers.
Tips For Handling Backstabbers
Identify Their Behavior
If you keep a close watch, you would know which one of your colleagues or your friends may be the back-stabbers. A two-faced person may look extra cautious or courteous but there must be something ominous about him/her. They would be the ones who would be eager to take credits for other people and jump at the first chance of belittling others. Knowing the backstabbers will help you to be vigilant and watchful.
Don’t Be Naïve
Remember that however good you may be, being naïve will only work against you. Know the players and play wise. Don’t trust everyone and what they say. As if you put too much trust in someone and that backfires, you are also to be blamed with the backbiter. You can ask advice, talk to people but never in any case share your secrets with your colleague or friends until you have tested the waters.
Always Be Alert
The backbiters act mostly when you are least vigilant. So be alert. Don’t overlook the dent a backstabber can make. Don’t try to change their behavior as they are least likely to change. Backstabbing is an easy way out and also it’s better to change ourselves than to wait for them to change.
Be A Team Player
It goes without saying. When you are helpful and ready to lend a hand, others will support you when you need them. When you are team player and are ever ready to help others, very few people will think of harming you. If you want support of other people, you need to be a team player.
Guard Your Repute
Guard your reputation zealously if you want the backstabbers to keep away from you. Make a wall around yourself and let others know that penetrating behind your comfort-zone will not be well received. It doesn’t mean you become snooty or pretentious, it just means that you don’t give people reason to betray you.
Keep Your Composure
Don’t get all worked up even when you are backstabbed. Backstabbing is not a pleasant experience especially when you hear the fabricated stories about you. However, you need to keep cool, and don’t let it get to you. Remember the Oscar Wilde’s saying, “Forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them much”. Stick to this phrase like your apostle.
Take The High Road
Never in any case, sink to their level to get even with them. There won’t be any difference between you and them then. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Hurling abuses at your back stabber will only make the situation worse. If you want, confront them. However, be composed and get out of the argument, before it gets dirty.
Learn The Survival Tactics
Running away from the situation is no solution. Learn to handle the backstabbers in your own ways. Make more friends at work and keep away from the backbiters. Don’t speak negative about the backbiters. Stay pleasant and use specific language in handling them. Always stand straight and keep one foot slightly ahead of other as this help you pose confidently. Don’t take backbiting personally and keep yourself strong and confident.

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