Handling criticism is an area where only a few of us prove to be connoisseurs. With this tips given in this article, learn how to handle criticism.

How To Handle Criticism

“If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success.” - Malcolm X
This quote aptly describes how important criticism is, in our life. However, when we are bombarded with criticism all the time, we hardly think of being successful. Handling criticism is never easy, as for most of us; it is directly proportional to failure. And certainly, failure is nobody’s favorite word. Although almost everyone in this world is criticized, only a few of us how know to accept it with grace. Is there some techniques of handling criticism? Indeed, there are and in the following lines, we have listed a few of them. Read on and know how to handle criticism.
Tips For Handling Criticism
Distinguish Between Feedback & Criticism
It is very important thing for you to understand the difference between feedback and criticism. Feedback is something given to you to improve your performance. On the other hand, criticism is downright negative. And it’s also not necessary that feedback is always enlightening. It is enlightening only when you want it to enlighten you. It’s not essential that the feedback comes to you in sweet and encouraging words. It may be harsh and you may have trouble adjusting to the words, but it is eventually true and will help you if you work on those areas. A criticism is mostly negative, urging you to stop doing whatever you’re doing now.
Take Criticism In Your Stride
It’s very important to remain composed in any situation. Getting excited when someone attributes praise to you is natural, but getting over the top is not. Similarly, if someone criticizes you, be calm and listen to the person. Don’t jump up the gun and starts hurling abuses on him/her.
Draw The Points To Help You
The most important trait of successful people is that they are able to draw out the points that are useful to them, from almost any conversation. When you’re criticized, try to focus on points that are common in all the criticisms that you encounter. Make a mental note of them and mend your ways accordingly.
Learn From Criticism
Listening to something won’t help you, until you’re ready to perform on it. If you’re a singer and people say that you cannot sing different kinds of songs, you need to try to get versatility. If you work in a firm and you’re always criticized of not being able to create rapport with your colleagues, try to be friendly. No matter what you’re criticized for, if it’s something that will help you be successful, try to incorporate it in your life.
Don’t Let Anyone Insult You
Criticism is okay, but never ever let anyone bully you. If, at the end of a conversation, you find yourself loser, are angry with yourself and your critic has convinced you to leave the thing you are pursuing, you are in hands of a bully. Don’t let him/ her harm or insult you. Remember, no one can make you feel bad about yourself, until you allow them to. So, never let yourself feel down. If someone is going the dirty road, make sure that you’re not going with them.
It’s Not Always About You
It’s the truth. If a person is always negative about you, then it might be possible that something is wrong with them, instead of you. They may be plain jealous of your success or they might full of negativity. There are people who cannot find good in anything or anyone and you should not let such people worry you.
Let It Go
Never let a criticism decide what you want to do next. Don’t leave something because other people want you to. A justified criticism may urge you to better something, but it will never advocate for you to leave it. Forget what is being said about you, unless it’s something you can improve. Good or bad, these things are meant to be forgotten. Eat, sleep, and do your work the same way you were doing, before the criticism popped your way.

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