Meeting women is scary, but necessary if you want to be a part of the dating game. Here are some tips on how to meet women without feeling like a cat on hot bricks.

How To Meet Women

"How to meet women"? This question can put even the most handsome hunk into speechless mode, not to talk about the lesser mortals. Are there definite dos and don'ts to this question? Yes and no. There are actually some definite things you shouldn’t do, but sometimes even they seem to work well. A simple answer to this charade is that nothing about meeting women is simple and straight forward. Still, there are certain tricks that can help you out. If you fall into the category of men who dread meeting women just because they don’t know how to approach them (for them, it’s a nerve-wracking, petrifying venture), welcome aboard. For, most of the men fall into this category at least once in their life. Here are some tips to help you meet women and that too without feeling like the fish out of the water. So what are you waiting for? Go on and check for yourself.

Tips For Meeting Women
Don’t Put On Airs
Acting like someone who is a gift to this world is going to put off for almost all the women around you. And unless you’re a Greek God, you are highly unlikely to attract any sensible girl.
Be Yourself
Unless you’re a psycho or have been away from the civilization for more years than you can remember, be yourself. Girls like men who are comfortable in their skin. Be yourself and act cool.
Good Sense Of Style
Wearing a rainbow suit or a colorful shirt with colorful striped pants is definitely a put off for, well, everybody. With a dressing sense of this kind, you are better off without women. If you don’t want to die a confirmed bachelor, develop a good dressing sense. Take help from female friends or guys who you think have a nice dressing sense or stick to an established pattern.
Be A Gentleman
Be a gentleman or at least act like one. The simple norms that will take you through are opening the door for the lady or offering the seat to her, and so on. If you are on a date, be on time, pay the tab and take care of her. 
Make A Connection
A charming date can become boring if there is no connection between two people. So, make a connection by talking to her. Make small talks, keep eye contact and listen to her. Looking at the door while chatting or rolling up eyes signifies that she is getting bored. Take a cue and try to liven up the situation.
Be Humorous
Girls love funny guys, so keep your humor streak active on a date. Crack smart jokes, but don’t start laughing on your own jokes. Don’t joke about everything or anything. Be humorous, but don't act like a comic.
Be Confident
Confidence will take you far. Be confident while approaching a girl, even if she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. Nervousness may amuse everyone, but is surely not going to get you a date.
No Pick Up Lines
Only a few people are able to use the lamest pick up lines and still manage to seal the deal. If you’re not sure of whether it will work or not, refrain from using it. Many girls just dismiss a guy with a lame pick up line.
Be Comfortable
If you manage to get a date, don’t let your over enthusiasm ruin the future prospect. Be comfortable and let the date flow smoothly. Flirt a little and keep the ball rolling.
Let Her Talk
Good listening will take you far. Bring on some tête-à-tête she is comfortable talking about, like dogs or family, and let her go on. Give her your undivided attention and make sure she notices that you’re keen on listening. This will sky rocket her opinion about you.
Practice Your Approach
If you don’t get many dates and are inexperienced in the field, practice it before you have to be on an actual date. Practice with your female friends, sister or in front of a mirror. Ask your friends about their date and how to keep things going smoothly. Practice accordingly.
Don’t Come On Too Strong
This may give the hint that you are needy and act as a turn-off for many girls. Don’t press your date on giving you her phone number or have a drink when she is not interested. It’s the worst kind of put off for a woman.

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