Black-tie event calls for proper wear and etiquette. So, it would do you good if you were aware of the expected decorum of such events. To know more on black-tie etiquette for women, read on.

Black-Tie Etiquette For Women

It goes without saying that when at a black-tie event don’t forget to take your manners along. The very mention of black-tie events can bring to your mind a host of things including tux, tie, long-flowing evening gowns, wine and adherence to a strict protocol. After all, you can’t afford to be not-so-ladylike when out on a black-tie event. Thus, it helps to get acquainted with what is expected of a lady when out on a black-tie do, so as not to commit a blooper. A black-tie etiquette necessarily begins with the dress and goes down to the drink. So, from what you wear to how you hold your glass, everything needs to have style and grace in it. The necessary guidelines given below on black tie etiquette for women would enlighten you to the oft-ignored prescripts on a black-tie event and will ascertain that you don’t look out-of-place, when attending one. Read on to know more on it.
Etiquettes For Women For A Black-Tie Event
  • No matter how stately a black-tie event is meant to be, the show is almost incomplete without custom-made evening wears. When it comes to talking of women wear, the options just stretch themselves a little beyond the tux and the tie. Today, a black-tie event isn’t just about conventional floor length evening gowns, but a little more flamboyantly formal than that. A short cocktail dress or even a three-quarter-length evening gown can turn you into a total stunner, while keeping in sync with the event. However, remember to dress in sync and style with the event. If your invitation states the kind of attire to be worn for the do, just try to stick to it, rather than surprise your host with something causal or out-of-place gear.
  • When it comes to dressing up for a black-tie event, one simply cannot afford to be careless with their foot-wear and land up in dandy flip-flops or chic tootsies. Black-tie calls for more sophisticated elegance and an evening sandal or peau de soie pump would just ensure that your look is very much in place. Avoid the slings. Go for chunky clutches or hand purses made of peau de soie, satin or silk. For a more rich air, you can opt for a regal touch with velvet or brocade. When heading for a black-tie do, just keep your diamonds and pearl handy. Avoid junk jewelry and stick to basic gems and stones. A chandelier earring coupled with a slender neckpiece and formal bracelet would just complete your look.
  • A black tie event calls for the right mix of sophistication and style and it is important to carry yourself really well when on it. Remember to greet everyone you meet and extend your hand to introduce yourself to guests you have never met before. Keep your eye contact steady.
  • At the time of shaking hands, don’t forget to put off the glove from your right hand, if wearing any. The last thing you would want to do when anybody offers their hand is to search for your own free hand. Always keep the right hand free so that you are available to any warm approach. Hold your food and drink on the left to avoid getting clumsy with your hands at the last moment.
  • While it is seen as a part of one’s polish etiquette to engage in warm pleasantries and light talks, gossiping should be strictly avoided. On no terms should you get into bitching and blabbering as it would only earn you a bad name. Also, steer clear of all eyebrow raising sensational topics catering to religion, sex and politics for a better evening.
  • Just because your host was gracious enough to arrange for wine doesn’t mean that you go overboard with the free drink. Never exceed your wine to the third glass. Having two glasses is enough to make you feel relaxed and avoid getting labeled as a drunkard.

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