Approach women in less obvious places, where you aren’t any anonymous guy nodding your head to the music. Explore the article to know the best places where you can meet girls.

Best Places To Meet Women

Whenever you think of meeting women, the initial locations that hit your mind are bars, coffee shops and shopping malls. In this context, it will do good to know that many women do not like meeting men at bars. Bars and parties exude mystery, wildness and sex and the men found here are often considered as one-night stands. However, there are tons of other places where you can meet girls in the right way. You have to choose a place where the lady can get a sense of your personality and see that you share common interests with her. Given here are some of the best places where you can meet women outside the confines of home and bars. Do read on further to know where to meet women and generate mutual appeal.
Where To Meet Girls
Dance Classes
This is indeed one of the best places to find lots of girls, that too single ones. It is very likely that you will be one of the very few men in attendance, so the situation is greatly to your advantage. Since you will be paired up with a woman, great opportunities to meet and know her are bound to come up. If chemistry takes place between you and your partner, you can invite her out as well and get to know her in a better way.
Wine Tasting Events
Although it sounds a little stuffy, a wine tasting event is a great place to meet women. It calls for a classier and more interesting atmosphere as compared to a bar, thus finding elegant women is much more likely. Indulge in good conversation by throwing some witty dialogues and bantering in. However, do make sure to brush up on your wine taste before you head to the place, as women will surely appreciate this.
Dog Parks
If you own a dog, take it regularly to the local park for walks, where you will surely find a few beautiful women with their pet. Here, ensure that your dog is lovable and not too scary. Often, you’ll be stopped by women to admire your dog; do take advantage of this situation. You can also tell a lot about the woman by the type of dog she is having.
Acting Classes
Take up an acting or comedy class, as this will give you a surrounding where you will be interacting with a lot of people and get to play various roles. Take advantage of this situation, as it will be a perfect scenario to flirt and tease women in a fun and natural situation. While flirting, you can find out if there is any chemistry between you and someone else.
Fitness Classes
Enter a gym and you’ll find a number of attractive women working out. However, it is almost impossible to start talking to them in the first place. So, take a fitness class instead, such as yoga or kickboxing. Since it will be a closed environment, it will be easier and more comfortable to socialize. People regularly attend the same classes each week, hence it will be a great opportunity to know women over time, without any pressure.
Community Service or Volunteering
Another big way to meet women is through volunteering or indulging in community service, by helping those in need. You will be meeting and working with people in a structured environment and thus, interacting with others in all sorts of ways. Help out at a shelter or coach kid’s sports teams; there are numerous fun ways to volunteer and you will get to meet a lot of women as well.
Organized Trips
Get involved with an organized trip that is centered on a hobby you enjoy doing, such as hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, bird watching, etc. This is the greatest and simplest way to meet women in a relaxed surrounding, without any pressure or awkwardness. Both of you would be doing something you enjoy; hence it is an opportunity to present yourself at your very best.
Social-Media Websites
Social networking sites are great ways to meet people sharing common interests, as opposed to simply browsing online dating sites. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Tagged, and Yelp are some such sites. For instance, Yelp is a restaurant review community where you give your funny and cool reviews of restaurants. Consistent writing will get you lots of fans plus, there are opportunities to know someone by meeting at review spots together.

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